I'm "babysitting" again today my 3 yr old grandson. Of course he has no idea I'm a non-believer. I don't know if he'll ever realize it, or even care.

It'll be interesting to see how things work out. You see, his other grandfather is a preacher. I'm not sure what the boy's father is. His mother, my daughter, has been brainwashed by her ultra religious mother (my ex). I know the boy has been baptized, and that they infrequently go to church (time constaints).

So I'm pretty much the "lone wolf" in the family. They all know where I stand--I don't advertize my secularism.

Of my four children (3 girls, one boy), two are very religious (one's a missionary optometrist in Honduras). The daughter mentioned above leans toward religion. I have no idea about my 30 yr old son (the youngest). Knowing him, he has no opinion, one way or the other. He's probably never really thought about it! I've never asked. In fact, it's only been with my Honduran daughter that I've ever discussed religion. My philosophy has been to let them make their own decisions.

I may or may not be a so-called role model for humanism. They know my beliefs (or lack therein) and can address them accordingly. Mostly, they ignore or avoid them. That's fine with me. Live and let live. I still have "high hopes" for my grandson!

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Comment by James Yount on January 24, 2013 at 8:29pm

Secularism is a growing trend among the youth these days.  Your grandson has a MUCH better chance of escaping religion than the others ever did, especially if he eventually goes to college.  I would suggest heavily encouraging him to do well in school as he grows up. It's the easiest and most non-confrontational way you can wean him away from religion.  Good luck. :)



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