I was listening to a radio program this Sunday morning  called "Choral Colors". I sang along in my bass voice to a familiar tune. Brings back memories.

I was brought up in the choir. Grandma used to direct, then mother. Singing in the choir was the only good thing about church. 

I even directed a church choir for two years! Being able to read music was a plus in my life (esp. now, so I can play piano). I sang in college choirs for 4 years (Singing Hoosiers), just for the fun of it. But I digress.

Some the world's greatest music was based on religious themes. Handel's Messiah, Bach Cantatas, etc. Incredible classical music, still contemporary today. I must have sung the Hallalujah Chorus a thousand times. However, if I never sing "Holy, Holy, Holy" ever again, it won't be too soon! I certainly got sick of the same old hymns.

Miss singing? Yes. Miss the old hymns? No. Miss church? Hardy har! I'll just have to get my jollies singing along with the radio. Good trade-off.

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Comment by Tor Hershman on January 27, 2013 at 3:34pm


Comment by Idaho Spud on January 27, 2013 at 3:24pm

Your post sounds familiar.  Singing was just about the only thing I liked about church.  I never got as good as you, but I sang in the choir quite a bit, sang a few times with 2 or 3 others, and even got to sing an A cappella solo once.  

I've always been shy and not a good speaker, so I always hated speaking in church, but singing was enjoyable, and my shyness disappeared while doing so.  

I miss singing, but very seldom sing a hymn anymore because the message is so horrible.  Now days I just sing along with movies and TV shows often.

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