Alright, So I've been pondering. Currently there are some experiments on the use of sound for a means to move objects. Utilizing, amplifying and changing sound waves and particles in such a manner that physical objects can be moved and or have their matter changed. I believe that such technologies may have already been used to create some of the megalithic structures crafted in the past and still exist today. That's not what I'm blogging about. I want to talk about Rock n' Roll powered Hover-boards. Just hear me out. Imagine soaring down a mountain at 65 mph while floating about 2 feet above the ground and jamming out to your favorite band. While your jamming out those same sound waves are what power your hover-board. You get fun, Exhilaration, risk, and the merriment of spreading your favorite sounds while floating on some ear-hole candy. For me this would be the ultimate sport and just the thought of it cracks my skull wide open and makes my brain ooze out of all the cracks. I want to know, does this just appeal to me? And do you have any thoughts on how to make this possible.

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Comment by Robert Holt on February 6, 2013 at 9:48pm

True thoughts cant change physics however we know that sound can leave a physical effect. Lay a speaker on its side, place some plastic wrap over the speaker and then place some kind of liquid on top. Crank the speaker up and watch how the sound particles effect the speaker itself as well as the liquid(and the plastic). That is proof that it does something physical. Obviously the technology doesn't exist yet. However, whats to say that our knowledge on sound is maxed out and that there is no way to create an amplification device that makes the sound stronger than an object and or rearrange the matter in an object to say maybe make it lighter? Id like to think we don't fully understand all forms of sound in the universe and physics says nothing about this not being possible as far as I can find. Most use to think Einstein was nuts when he proposed relative theory however through his math and ultimately seeing light being bent by the gravitation of the earth we now know he was right and his preposterous idea wasn't so crazy but it was true. Lets put our imaginations together and say, Yes! lets make this happen.

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