What does it mean to be an Atheist Pagan?

Hey all!

It's been a battle, having this as an identity. People think its a contradiction of terms. Atheist and Pagan, like the two can't coincide, like they are .... mutually  exclusive or something. Well, I'm here to say they are not. Cause first off, no one said that being a pagan required you be a polytheistic believer or a wiccan dual theistic believer. There is no template, there is no dogma, there is no book except what you claim as your own. For me, being a pagan is just a respect for Nature, appreciating its sentience and taking care of the planet we all inhabit regardless of where we go when we die we only have this one life now. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, you will not be reborn as the person you are now its not Groundhog day, at least I don't think so. For all I know it could be but that could only mean you did something that you are given a second chance to fix. And how boring would it be to live through life knowing whats going to happen next? And going crazy trying to figure out what you need to fix in order not to go through this again? Sounds like there is a potential story/novel/movie there but I digress...

Now onto the atheist aspect of my path. I don't believe that a god created the universe, I don't believe that gods should be worshiped. In fact, I take a very occultist view on god. Egregores. Thoughtforms. Astral Constructs. That's what I believe that gods are. Man made energy constructs that are made in 'our' image, in an earth being's image which is why they look so ... familiar? I mean like the Egyptian pantheon are like the furries of the gods, they have heads of jackals and such. If there was a god it wouldn't look like anything we'd recognize, it would be beyond our experience would it not? That may sound a little Deist and rejecting the whole quantum theory of Entanglement of how we are all one and entangled Consciousness. The universe experiencing itself. Or whatever that saying is I heard in a Symphony of Science video. I think its a Carl Sagan quote, may he rest in peace.

How to make harmony of it all, for me is to not be so rigid in my definitions or my languaging. Its a process I'm still learning. But I'm learning to love especially when you take into account the abstract nature of it all. The arrangement of sounds and images its like a kind of magic which is practically energy work. I would love to think and talk deeper on this but I have to get ready for the day just wanted to pop by and post another blog. Feel free to ask questions and discuss things in comments or if you want , you can message me!

Until next time

Ronni over and out.

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Comment by Cay Small on February 28, 2013 at 3:31am

So true Nerdlass nature is so awe-inspiring any religion made up by human beings pales in comparison. To think we are just beginning to explore the universe around us. Each new discovery just makes the universe more fascinating. Years agoe I used to play with the rituals but I couldnt deal with the pretend either.

Comment by Nerdlass on February 27, 2013 at 7:07pm

I was pagan for 12 years without a pantheon, but I did the rituals and believed in supernatural forces. When it became more of a philosophy, I realized I was a pantheist. As of now, I still identify as a pantheistic atheist. Nature is awe-inspiring. There's no doubt about it. For me, it cheapens the experience to add on anything else. No god or religion can compare with the mind-blowing realization of how vast and immense this universe of ours is. I can still grok the pagan subculture. I miss aspects of it a lot... but I don't miss the pretend. If I want that, I'll join a LARP.

Comment by Cay Small on February 27, 2013 at 6:51pm

I love nature I am athiest I tend to get along with pagans because of their love of nature and general openmindedness. Am I an athiest pagan? I dont believe in any dieties so I dont think so, but I can enjoy their company and share what we have in common.

Comment by Prog Rock Girl on February 26, 2013 at 9:41am

I suppose I was once an atheist pagan, but it was very convoluted. I was sort of straddling two different worlds, and I think the "pagan" part of it was mostly wanting to fit in with certain people, and wanting to believe in some supernatural things. I think some atheist pagans just still want to fit in with the pagan community because they like incense and parties out in the woods. There are a lot of "party pagans". I do miss camping festivals in the woods but I'd be uncomfortable in a place where people would be free to proselytize and assume I'm like them. The word "pagan" is already very vague; there are arguments that it is just any non-Abrahamic religion, and that is why there's an argument about pagan vs wiccan. I think the vagueness is part of it being a disorganized religion.

Comment by Ronni on February 26, 2013 at 8:22am

Napoleon, Bonaparte, thank you, that just proved my point about languaging and definitions and such. I often interchange pagan with other terms, because of my definition of it. Such interchangable terms I use are 'occultist', 'mystic', 'witch/warlock', or just 'energy worker'. But yeah, pagan can mean lots of things, its a sort of umbrella term ...as it were.

Comment by Randall Smith on February 26, 2013 at 7:32am
My motto is "keep it simple". Bottom line: I don't believe in god(s), period. Hope you figure it all out eventually.

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