Just blabbering about nothing in particular

Killing some time before going to the bank.

Saw a pair of bluebirds yesterday hangin' around the yard. Sign of Spring, finally?

Something else "spring-like" hangin' around in my garage: a brand new shiny RED truck! After 9 years with my blue Dakota, I bought myself a 70th year birthday present, a Toyota Tacoma (Texas built).

I promptly adjusted the steering wheel upon parking it the first time, then couldn't get the key to turn the ignition! I jiggled and wiggled and re-adjusted, and produced curse words and a cold sweat. Somehow, magically, voila! It worked. Now I'm scared to restart it.

Baby sitting this PM for the second straight day--grandkids (ages 3 and 6 mo.). No problem, but it does put a damper on my usual activities and routines. But the benefits outweigh the negatives. I love 'em. Children are "my thing". I taught them for 33 years, raised four of my own (plus 3 steps), and now have 4 grandkids. Like Roy Hobbs, I'm "a natural". (movie reference)

Time's up. See you all around. Have a good weekend, fellow nonbelievers!

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Comment by Idaho Spud on March 17, 2013 at 3:00pm

If your PU is new, you're probably calling the place you bought it.  If not, I would be scared also.  That happened to my old van and the second time it happened, no amount of fiddling did any good, so I had to pay $200 or more to repair it.  I watched the locksmith use a hardened bit to drill it out, so if it happens again, I'll do it myself.

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