Enough already! Geez, the press coverage surrounding the Pope news is getting way overboard. Who, besides Catholics, gives a shit?
My question is WHY (do we give and pay so much attention)? What's the big deal?
First of all, the "office" itself. Ridiculous. The so-called religious leader of a major religion, relegated to "supreme commander". Gag me.
Second, his followers and admirers. The reverence they show baffles me, not to mention sickens me. I just don't understand this attachment to a "father figure". For the ages, man has worshipped a father figure--God "himself". And if that's not good enough, we have Jesus (or other male prophets). Then the Pope. We (they) are obsessed with a male figurehead. I'm surprised it's "mother nature", not father nature.
Isn't this all the silliest of sillies? Pop stars, athletes, and Popes--they get all the headlines. We're a sick society.

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Comment by Michael Penn on March 18, 2013 at 1:11pm

People like things that are phoney - actors and religion alike! My wife is Catholic and they re-named her Mary. That's not her name. Many in this country would be flabbergasted to learn her real name is Anyango. The new Pope is named Francis and that is not his real name. How can you trust someone that is not using his real name? I do believe that the old retired Pope should still be able to wear the red shoes. Everyone knows that fishermen wear red shoes. Especially Italian fishermen. The retired Pope is in bad health and he retired to study prayer. Most likely wanting to study why it never worked for him. Oh, and if they ever auction off one of those Popemobiles I'd like to bid on one. Imagine a bullet proof golf cart.

Comment by Loren Miller on March 18, 2013 at 8:34am

I pay at least some attention to it for one very simple reason: either Francis with his words or his people by following them have the potential to impact ME or someone or some group I care about with any action that might result.

Forewarned is STILL forearmed.



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