I'm tired! Of my religious mind-controlled friends and family!

I'm tired of being invited to Easter services, even when I was believer I became disillusioned with the fakery and insincerity. I fear telling everyone how I really feel, my mother would die of worry and spend the rest of her time praying. I'm tired of the occasional Facebook posts of my high school friends or relatives complaining of their kids being taught evolution, I try to offer a bit of different opinion or information. And I get blasted. I don't like keeping useful information from people, but I get persecuted for suggesting a different opinion. It's frustrating and I feel isolated in this southern state.

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Comment by Barry Miller on March 25, 2013 at 7:37pm
Tell them no its Pagan Sex Day. A friend told me that this weekend. :)
Comment by Earther on March 25, 2013 at 7:14pm

My birthday is on March 31.  My family kept saying my birthday is on easter. I kept saying "no its not".

Comment by Barry Miller on March 21, 2013 at 4:36pm
Personally I can't stand being around the super religious. Thankfully my friends and family are not super religious. However, most everyone I know is at least somewhat religious. I truly enjoy being around my friends and family so I tolerate most religious nonsense they talk about. If it gets too bad I just leave the room. It's not that I'm afraid to battle it's just that I don't want to hurt their feelings. If that makes sense. Now people at work are fair game. :) I have a Skeptical Inquirer "I doubt it" sticker on the front of my desk.
Comment by Earl H Smith on March 21, 2013 at 10:49am

I think I know a little of how you feel; I'm stuck in right wing, religious South Dakota and my sister is nearby.  She is ultra religious!  Cousins too!  A couple years ago I said to hell with it, and I went all the way, bad mouthing religion and stating my convictions.  I sure got "blasted".  Sis cried and cried and had to have "her way".  She didn't get her way, and I'm fine now!

Comment by Loren Miller on March 21, 2013 at 9:56am

Maybe this isn't the kind of advice you had in mind, but here goes:

  • Culture a thicker skin about their complaints.
    It's entirely possible that they will never come around to your point of view, and that's fine. Atheism is, for the large part, a Conclusion, a deduction logically and rationally reached by the individual. Some people are brave enough to face that conclusion; some aren't.
  • Be prepared to return fire. Choose your battles, but don't be afraid TO battle.
    So long as they think theirs is the only valid opinion out there, you can expect their crap to show up on your doorstep from time to time. On occasion, it might be fitting to find out if they can take it as well as they can dish it out. Arm yourself with arguments and counters and don't be apologetic when you engage these people. Tell them that prayer is a waste of time and that there are NO quality jobs in the creationist field, though PLENTY in evolution-based biology.

Yeah, it's harder when dealing with family, but keep in mind, they are the ones trying to push a guilt trip on you. You don't deserve such treatment. If nothing else, Point That Out.

Comment by Grinning Cat on March 21, 2013 at 12:12am

The holiday we should be paying attention to is (this year) April 1. Not April Fools' Day, but Half-Price Chocolate Bunny Day!

Comment by E Gross on March 20, 2013 at 11:42pm

It sounds like it isn't so much Easter (who can argue with all the chocolate bunnies and peeps you can eat?!), but people trying to get you back into the herd. Also, it isn't just he bible belt, but it's everywhere. Since they already know your position on reality, you can choose to either be a happy athiest or an angry one. A happy one is one who is sincere in his or her beliefs and pursues a life of self-directed meaning. Parents like it when their kids are happy, even if it isn't a path they disagree with (think of a "gay" context here, but in the 1950's). Hopefully you have real friends with whom you can confide and share your frustations with. I find that social circles are important to keeping sane in a world full of crazies!

Comment by Rebekah on March 20, 2013 at 11:30pm
Egg hunts and christmas trees! Now that is true Christianity ! Lol. I thought I had made up "happy Zombie Jesus day" a couple of years ago, but I'm not the originator I'm sure. As long as we're closed at work, I'm happy!

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