The latest controversial subject to be or not to be taught in schools (k-12) is climate change. The controversy comes not so much as whether it's really happening or not, but how it may affect the psyche of the children (!). Learning that the earth may (is) be warming up abnormally fast, might shake up the little darlings. Heaven (excuse me) forbid!

If anything would shake up kids, it would be evolution. And isn't that particular subject the main reason private schools (religious) are in existance? We must protect our children from the truth! No controversy permitted.

As an aside, the Indiana Supreme Court just yesterday declared our new voucher system for private (mostly Catholic) schools IS constitutional. Yep. Let's give rich families more money to send them to their little clubs, er, schools. Let's see, where does the U.S. rank in education? 27th? We've got it all figured out. Have mercy.

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Comment by Earther on March 27, 2013 at 8:38am
Yep! How about teaching the truth about the economy too?

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