"Gut Feeling" or "Intuition" is a well developed open-minded connection with one's subconscious, the "God" experience

I don't believe that "Gut Feeling" is exclusively highly developed among persons without a formal education in science. There are many examples of self-educated persons who have a highly developed sense of direction that is not consciously derived.  In fact, I think a person educated in science, who is also a free thinker, will have an even higher developed and more sharpened "Gut Feeling".  The label may be the more eloquent "Intuition" or "ESP".  

In the same way that you may describe an uneducated person as having been "Conditioned" by authorities in family and religious leaders, an educated person can likewise have their subconscious reasoning powers "Buried" under "Conditioning" by authorities in their "Secular" education.  Exposure to a greater range of original ideas can hone and actually enhance intuition and "Magical thinking" that springs from the incredibly powerful unconscious mind.  Yes, this honing can occur IF one preserves one's independence of thought and a healthy skepticism.  

However, we have seen.. I have seen.. highly educated individuals who are so thoroughly indoctrinated and bound in the ideas of others who are "Experts" or otherwise authorities in their field, that they have few original ideas or positions of their own.  Perhaps a better perspective would be to say that DOGMA, whether within or without exposure to a science-based "Education", confines the mind and limits development of the higher functions, including an amazing, uncanny intuition or "Gut Feeling".  

The concept of the "Renaissance Man" perhaps expresses the ideal of leaving behind dogmatic ideas and freely exploring BOTH in realm of Human Nature and in Physical Nature.   However, there is no escaping the Human Nature proclivity for ego, power, and control over others by the promotion of a limited set of ideas to the exclusion of others.  This manipulation occurs not just in the experience of the "Uneducated", but also in every field of study by the power of political and religious intolerance.  

Pure science in the study of Human Nature, or in the study of  physical nature, is rarely performed devoid of self-interested perversion by Human Nature itself.  The politics of science can be as severe as the politics of religion.  Science in Physical Nature produces verifiable truth.  The science of Human Nature can also provide verifiable truth, and that is what we are looking for here.  

One of those verifiable truths in Human Nature is that we seem to have a need to believe in a superior intelligence, whether it be a deity, or the laws of physical nature.  Unfortunately, these two exclusive ideas are blended in religion.  They should never be blended or melded.  Diety resides entirely in Human Nature - "The Mind", and Physical Nature resides entirely within its own "Laws".  

Yet, when it comes to accurate "Gut Feelings" or "Intuition", it is strong evidence that the ultimate higher power is WITHIN US.  This higher power is best described as our own subconscious mind that is powerful beyond comprehension.  

If God is the superior intelligence we all seek to know, then each one of us can know God by feeling, growing, and better using our subconscious mind.  We can then become ONE with God, the all-powerful, the all-knowing, to achieve the ultimate objective of religion, and the ultimate secular experience as well.  

Organized utopian social structures pretend to facilitate understanding the human experience we call life.   Those that are INTOLERANT of alternative ideas will want to manipulate us.  This pulls us away from independent thinking to conformity, and away from the very personal "God" experience.  If there is an apt description of the Devil, it is intolerance and manipulation.  If there is an apt description of God, it is our own individual, independent, all powerful, all knowing subconscious mind.

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Comment by tom sarbeck on April 12, 2013 at 7:39am

I too have a good sense of direction, when I'm outdoors. The moment I enter a building it goes away.

Time? When I'm up all night reading or writing, I can confuse 7AM with 7PM when AM and PM light is about the same. I have to check the sun: is it to the east or to the west? I find the condition tolerable; I have not yet bought a 24-hour clock.

Comment by Michael Penn on April 12, 2013 at 7:01am

I have a strange subconscious ability that baffles my wife. It might equally baffle others if they were hanging around with me enough to witness it, but I think I can explain it pretty well. I have an inner sense of direction and time. This allows me to sense direction even in a large mall while my wife is totally lost. It also allows me to know the time of day within 20 minutes of real time. I believe this ability is a matter of simple logic coupled with past reflections of the 24 hour experience. The time thing could be related to the position of the sun if outdoors, but it works equally as well indoors for me. My subconscious seems to grasp on to the "24 hour model" of time and hold it some way. As for not getting lost in a mall (even without looking at the maps) maybe this has to do with inner design. Some logical layout of things. I might add a third ability here. I'm instantly aware if a geographical area will flood or not simply by being in that area. I sense the "higher and lower ground" and therefore know what will happen to that area if it rains a lot. Al of this I attribute to a subconscious survival instinct.

Comment by Paul B. Claeyssens on April 10, 2013 at 7:47pm
    I have been developing my subconscious connection, opening up to it, allowing it to learn with me, and to guide me.  I act on urges it sends to me, often without question.  Still, I use conscious conservatism to test for reasonableness.  I am usually impressed that it puts me in the right place at the right time with the right people beyond anything I could consciously do.  We make some mistakes together and learn from them too, but mostly when I am not focused on channeling it. 
    My communications are below verbal, below conscious, it bubbles up to me as an impulse to follow. Often, I have to express my feelings and thoughts to someone else in order to channel the power.  CHANNEL is the key word to make it work the best.  It works better than just trying to translate to consciousness by myself.  I get feedback from those around me, and from the physical world, that turns into feedback TO the subconscious.  It also works to write, like I am doing now. 
    MENTOR, is the other key word.  Wow, what a fabulous feeling to have that powerful guide and mentor with me everywhere I go.  Life just gets better all the time.  Easier, and better.  My relationships get easier and better too.  It is all good, but I have to BELIEVE.  What an odd irony.  I have to BELIEVE.  This is where I think I got the idea that God is the subconscious.  If one gets into the habit of unconditional belief, then one is open to this channel, and that reinforces the habit of belief. 
    The difference is that here I believe in what my own mind and senses tell me, not what I am told I should believe.  it either works or it does not work, and I don't care what anyone else thinks.  Have you met people like that who are very clear and focused?  It reminds me of the words from the Byrds song from the 1960s titled "5D" from the album Fifth Dimension.  I painted the words on my wall in college.  It goes:
Oh, how is it that I could come out to here,
And be stiiiill floating?
And never hit bottom, but keep falling through,
Just relaxed and paying attention?
However, the difference now is that I pour in personal energy following the impulses instead of just relaxing, as I did then.  What a dramatic difference it makes.   I pour energy in all the time and the outcomes are dramatically beneficial, incredibly powerful.   I pour in energy, following impulses, watching where it leads, without knowing why, until I get the trend, or approach the surprising reward, and say, "Ah-ha, I see!" These "Realizations" then feed back to the unconscious to add steering and more focus.
If I don't act immediately on the impulses, the results can either escape me or be compromised.  Then, it is clear I got behind the power curve.   I have to go for it all the time to keep the channel open and effective.  Otherwise, I have regrets.  This way I am free, and I am flowing.  I don't have time to drink alcohol or otherwise be impaired.  I don't have time to be "entertained".  I see through it all, clear-eyed. 
    Life is an active state, not a passive one.  Still, I know when NOT to say something, or do something, that will offend and cause trouble, or that can transfer power, and compromise a longer term outcome.  There are impulses that need to be turned inward.  One must be able to keep a secret until death.  Some things are that way, and you learn to see it as it forms.
    The one thing that can get in the way is being physically sick, or too tired.  That has to be managed too.  I excuse myself, and retreat to a safe place until I feel better.
    Wow, do I know you?  I have just gone on and on.... back to work now.  Thanks for taking the time to comment, and kick me down this road for a while....  More Realizations have come from it.
Comment by Paul B. Claeyssens on April 10, 2013 at 7:20pm


   I understand your point of view.  I was referring to the secular experience being another way of looking at the "God experience" of theists.  I think the explanation for athiests and theists BOTH being right about human nature and the human experience is what I was talking about. 

One thing that cannot be denied, and that is Human Nature.  It will not be denied.  Its many expressions include athiests AND theists, and springs out of our physical existence, yes, but also from our metaphysical experience.  Again, we are in the dark and feeling different parts of the same elephant.  We are all humans in the human experience governed by the fuzzy laws of human nature, as well as being governed by the crisp laws of physical nature.

Comment by jay H on April 10, 2013 at 6:50pm

Intuition, or gut feeling has nothing to do with spirtuality.

Our brains consist of a sentient logical layer overlayed over the older mammalian brain. Whereas the cortex relies on more or less logical constructs, the mammalian brain, tuned by millions of years of evolution does quite well with pattern matching and estimation of fuzzy and vague inputs. We need both to be effective.

If we have enough input for a true logical decision, that's great. Often our inputs are vague, undefined or contradictory and in these cases our animal brain is our best resource.

Comment by tom sarbeck on April 10, 2013 at 4:26am

Loren, during my years of fixing customer-reported computer software bugs matches yours. The more I knew about the software, the quicker the remedies came to me. It helped that I enjoyed the detective-like nature of the work.

Comment by Loren Miller on April 8, 2013 at 7:00am

As a professional troubleshooter (formal title, Field Service Engineer), I have had occasional experiences of intuition when faced with a novel or unusual problem with a customer's device which I am tasked with repairing.  My own personal sense is that intuition is the product of subconscious processing of data coming in regarding a given situation which gives rise to a conscious conclusion.  The problem with such conclusions is that the data they are based in may be incomplete or entirely mistaken and must be taken with a grain of salt.

Which I do.  Depending on the nature of the intuition, I may pursue it in my investigation of the issue if I feel it is valid or I may simply go through my standard procedure of examination, diagnostic running or other techniques I use to unearth a problem or malfunction.  It may be a truism that, with experience and practice, intuition gets better because it is more informed and has a deeper background to draw from.

Or as a professional golfer I think once said, "The more I practice, the luckier I get!"

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