This blog has been more public than I expected. so I have toned down the heading to this post. Also I have deleted two posts I didn't want further responses to.


Every so often I venture out into the public sphere to see how anti-darwinism is responded to. The last time, at the science cafe, my posts were moved from "science" to "paranormal" or some such section then I was subjected to withering personal abuse. This time the issue is raised by someone else, in the science section, and the responses have been very moderate and quite engaged. Interesting.

Yesterday I posted a provocative response here, making a case for evolution being intelligent. I expected a storm of fury. Instead, one very moderate and interesting response. I have responded to that with another provocative (though rational) response, questioning the basis for the modern synthesis.

Maybe everyone's just bored with the issue of origins.

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Comment by Shaun Johnston on April 10, 2013 at 11:57am

Thank you for the estimate that I may be the lone proponent of anti-darwinism, and that it may not be generally accepted on Nexus. I am new to this board so this helps me orient myself.

Please, can you point me to this series of offensive posts so I can present myself in a way that does not give offense?



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