I am writing a novel which may be of interest to this group. It's the memoirs of Simon Magus, the original Antichrist, a New Testament L. Ron Hubbard who invented his own faith, Gnosticism, in opposition to Christianity, and whose name is synonymous with ecclesiastical corruption. There is a description and some readings at http://simonmagus.com . All comments welcome!

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Comment by Glen Cram on April 20, 2013 at 6:33pm

It has been claimed by some imaginative scholars citing dubious sources that Paul was really Simon. You can see my take on this theory at http://simonmagus.com/readings/unorthodox-jew . I also provide a first-century view of the controversy over abortion http://simonmagus.com/readings/derdekea-trouble and the early life of Jesus http://simonmagus.com/readings/lamb . I don't claim any of these as true, since the Entity I am channeling is a notorious trickster, but you may find them interesting.

Comment by Michael Penn on April 20, 2013 at 11:52am

Simon Magus was simply a magician of the time, and let it be understood here that I do not mean card tricks. To understand the Antichrist of the Bible, and the "original Antichrist" you first have to take the "holiness" out of the many books known as the Bible. Next you find one man claiming to be an apostle, and none of the others believed him. He's not one of us, they said. He claimed he was, and said he was the greatest of them all! In true gematria the numbers ascribe to "Saul of Tarsu" but he changed his name and became known to the gullible as St. Paul. It was his brand of Christianity that was taking over as the visionary book called Revelation was written.



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