An insight on why I criticize Religion, and anything that's associated with it.

I don't agree to religion. It proves to be a great hindrance for anyone who would like to make strides in progressing forward.

If you think that you need to belief in a deity and a constructed set of beliefs passed down from history to pave you a path for self-control, then you're one of those people very frail of mind...something that you straight-away deny from the very start.

Religion can and will be criticized for any problems and wrongs that it contains. To consider it as 'perfect' is in itself a huge contradiction. You have the right to disagree on various aspects of the beliefs, books, or even criticize their 'saintly' beings, be it Jesus, Shiva, Muhammad, Moses, Ganesha, Durga, etc..

The moment you encompass yourself into the circle of religious beliefs, you're limiting yourself to a lot of constraints, a lot of curb of your thoughts, rights, freedom to express, as well as levy your point from a very narrow scope of mind.

This God that people swear allegiance to, either has a very twisted sense of humor, or considers humans as another 'plaything' to toy around with. Putting us humans into this planet Earth, to test an 'experiment' as to whether we are worthy for another life in the here-after, surely makes one think why would he/she/it even place us in such a crazy position. If this God forbids us humans to revel and make progress in different fields of work, whether its Love, Music, Art, Humor, Science, Nature, Thoughts, right of Free-thinking, Equality and the like, then I do not wan't to have any role of siding with such a God. It denies me to explore this Universe's wonders as well as profile and segregate people from different walks of Life.

Criticism of anything is important regardless of who or what it's about. People might revere a lot of people, ideas, concepts, beliefs, deities, systems, as idealistic, or swear by it to their very existence, to which I feel is quite silly and asinine.

Criticism, in any way or form, highlights aspects of the subject and considers it as to whether it is justifiable on the basis of rationality, logical deduction, and in light from a very unbiased reasoning point of view.
(Unless you're arguing against universally established theories, laws, and evidence...
But even then, criticism of that cannot be disregarded either provided its of valid reasoning)

To not to do so would only make one beligirent towards the freedom of thought, or an automated acceptance that you abide by its intricacies. Any hostility or violent conduct arising from such criticism not only discredits yourself but also shows you how ignorant or small minded you try to be in your analysis of the situation.

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Comment by Alan Perlman on May 2, 2013 at 11:30am

As usual, I agreee with S/B.  Very fine summary.

I've found that, aside from the major reasons for adhering to reigions, there's a grab-bag of ad hoc rationales that make sense to the people who hold them.  E.g., my uncle, a highly intelligent ad exec, says he practices his little bit of Judaism "to honor my parents." 

Say what?  His parents, my grandparents, Hymie and Sara Schwartz, were barely literate immigrants from E. Europe.  The 4th St. shul in S. Phila. was all they knew.  To perpetuate their thoughtless supersitition is to honor them?? 

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