Israel has steadfastly denied using White-Phosphorous bombs during the Operation Cast Lead invasion of Gaza in Dec. 2008.  The Western media has parroted these denials whilst absolutely confirming that Israel would never, ever, ever use such a horrible terrorist tactic because ... basically ... well Judaism is a good religion and Muslims are bad.  It's true.  Just ask Sam Harris.  He says it over & over & over again in his atheist lectures about bad Muslims and good Jews.  Also, White-Phosphorous use on civilian populations is unlawful and Israel would never, ever, ever do anything unlawful because ... basically only Arabs do that kind of stuff, not Jews.  Even though the Goldstone Commission documented IDF use, on civilian populations, of White-Phosphorous during Operation Cast Lead ... the Western media, and its spokesman, Sam, just did not, could not, believe it because ... Israel good / Arabs bad, etc.etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Okay.  Except - finally - Israel has admitted that it ... did use White-phosphorous, on civilians, on 15-month-old baby girls even:

Israel's used plenty of White-phosphorous but only on really, REALLY bad people like ... these:

But Israel is not going to use White-phosphorous any more - once its supplies run out - because as a senior officer in the ground forces explained: “As we learned during Cast Lead, it [white phosphorus] doesn’t photograph well, so we are reducing the supply and we will not purchase beyond what we already have.”

Got that?  They're not going to drop this terror-weapon from their American-taxpayer-supplied F-16s & AH-64 Apaches anymore because "it doesn't photograph well".

And we call Muslims "terrorists"?

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Comment by Michael Penn on May 2, 2013 at 11:51am

Over the years I've become convinced that Israel "became a state" due to its biblical status rather than any other reason. That means that the existing "super powers" of 1947 had decided by history of and in the Buybull just who the good guys and bad guys were. After all, they (the Jews) are a part of our religion was the reasoning, so if you were Arab and Muslim you were left out. Didn't it say that in the Buybull? Ad the fact that Hitler killed over 6 million Jews and you have a "religious" reason for the world to agree with Israel, the nation. Now the Jews all over the world are "coming home" and you are even fulfilling "Buybull prophesy." It seemed so right, and everyone was happy. (Well, not everyone.) The USA supported Israel, gave them weapons and planes, and it's even rumored that they have the atomic bomb!

The sad thing is that Israel doesn't see themselves and their religion in the same light as the USA fundamentalists do. They let us have our delusions but we have left nothing for the Arabs. The Muslims are left out in the cold. Where is the state of Palestine? Where will it come from? Who will give up land to form this nation? Since both sides claim some of the same cities and holy places as the other, a workable solution is next to impossible. How could the land be shared? Maybe through religious conversion. (Just a little Christian fundamentalist thinking there.) What neighboring nations would give up land for this? NOBODY!

So the childish fighting from both sides goes on as men, women, and children are killed needlessly. This is so sad. It's said that Obama has been shunning Nuttiyahu. Could it be that like many leaders before him, Obama sees no solution for this terrible situation that we have created?

Comment by Alan Perlman on May 2, 2013 at 11:41am

Harris' Judaism is dilute indeed -- his mother (father a Quaker).  If he sees Israel as "good," it's because he's viewing their actions through American lenses.  I have no idea what exactly drives the Israelis' strategies and policies, but there must be some influence from their tiny size, the number of their enemies, and -- always lurking in the background -- the Holocaust.  Never again.

Viewed dispassionately, Judaism is no better than any other religion.  In its Orthodox form, it is rigid, exclusive, full of fantasy, obsessed with its own specialness, and pretty much like any other cult.  There's no difference between the ethnic cleansing passages in Deuteronomy and the Muslims' jihad, but modern Jews have found it's a lot easier and less messy to get educated, make money, and assimilate, rather than kill or convert everybody else.

Debra, I don't know the difference between atheistic and humanistic Jews, unless you're a member of a Humanist congregation.  I am both atheistic and humanistic, but unaffiliated.

Comment by Alan Perlman on May 2, 2013 at 11:10am

Sam is Jewish in the most dilute sense (one parent; the other a Quaker).  I think his inclination to view Israel as "good" results from his looking at the issue through American lenses.  I have no understanding of the strategic reasons for what Israel does in its own defense.  If they seem to overreact, it's because of their size, the number of their enemies, and, always lurking in the background, the Holocaust.

But when you compare dispassionately, Judaism is no better than other religions; in Orthodox form it is rigid, cultlike, full of its own superiority and specialness.  The ethnic cleansing described and prescribed in Deuteronomy is no different from jihad; Jews have simply abandoned it on practical grounds: assimilating and making money is easier and much less messy than murdering or converting everybody else.

Debra, I'm not sure what the difference is, unless you're an active member of a Humanist congregation.  I am both humanistic and atheistic.

Comment by Frankie Dapper on May 2, 2013 at 3:36am

It is a good thing there is a watch dog like yourself to document the transgressions of the WORLD.

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