I came out as an Atheist around two years ago. I was very lucky that I didn't lose anything by coming out, I still have all my friends and family. I know that it confused some of my friends, and I have no idea what my family really thinks about it as we have an unannounced agreement that we just don't discuss religion. So I carried on, watching Atheist Experience, The Thinking Atheist,  and posting the occasional Facebook posts about some of the skeletons in Christanitys closet, so I should admit I do focus on Christianity since that was the religion I grew up in. I occasionally met up with the local Freethinkers group, however I never felt the need to deviate from my current circle of friends. 

Then the fight happened. With my best friend, one who I called a sister. She was mad about my Facebook posts. I knew she was mad because she made a vague post on her page, after I did one making fun of the Atheist strawman stories, and then refused to text me. So I caught her on Facebook chat and told her to talk to me. After all, you don't get over a fight until you have the fight. She was mad, and did a lot of personal attacks in the messages but I didn't really get mad...Oh, I was still indignant on her doing a vaguebook instead of just TALKING to me, but I held my cool. 

Her faith is more dear to her than I am. That one hurt. It made me question how dear is her faith compared to her husband, or children. I didn't ask her, after all, I'm trying to salvage the situation. So after more talks, we came to a compromise that I would block any further anti-theist posts from her, but that these posts would still happen. However now I'm a little scared to. I'm scared that one day I may forget to block her from it and we'll go through the fight again. I'm scared that someone will tag her and then she will see it. I'm scared because of the possible slip up, and I'm mad about being scared. I shouldn't have to walk on eggshells.

I want my best friend, I want to see my nieces. So I went searching. I don't always want the echo chamber...but I want to be able to speak my mind. So I went searching, mostly for a chat room, and I found Atheist Nexus. So... yeah.... that's basically how I got here in a nutshell.

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