RAGE! (What I want to say but won't on FB)

I really hate having to bite my tongue.... but COME ON!!!!!!!

I found this delightful picture on my Facebook Newsfeed, along with other peoples comments on Muslims, both Radical and Moderate...and I'm sitting there with a couple of thoughts that I want to express, but feel like the cost is more than the benefit. 

1.) Did the author of this motherfecking picture know that it's the same God? Islam and Christianity are both faiths branched off of Judaism. C'mon! At least know some frakkin' history! 

2.) A lot of people don't know what's in their own book... the bible also punishes rape victims, is cool with selling your daughters, and wants to you to make sure no one who doesn't believe in THEIR God is involved in their lives whatsoever. It's not like the bible is a kindly book, it isn't. 

3.) Maybe Christians should take a look at what happened the Middle East, once the center of knowledge and learning, and then understand that conservative Christians could do the same to the U.S. Considering how adaptability has influenced my country, the fact that there are people telling us to grind to a stop because they're mildly offended by things that aren't any of their business. Considering Christianities mission to continue to treat same sex couples as some sort of 2nd class citizens, considering what's written in their own book....gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. *melts down*

I know it shouldn't be annoying, but it is. Mostly because a lot of the time it doesn't feel like it's worth the time or effort to deal with the reactions to my response, but I want to respond. 

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