OK. I am venting. My mother died two weeks ago. She was a “god fearing christian.” Before her death she refused all medical treatment. She wanted to be left alone. She even refused to speak with my brother who is a methodist minister. He is a pip, let me tell you! I suspect she did not believe, but a woman born in her time could not and did not state her actual beliefs. This is the opening salvo to all christians; FUCK YOU! I had so many people come and tell me to pray for my mother. I had so many people come and tell me, “god called her home.”  I truly want their god to call them home!

We are in the middle of a drought where I live. So many people tell me they are praying for rain. My question to them is, “why should I pray to a god that (and I use the word ‘that’ because that is what it is) supposedly knows what we already need? Punish them for “my” creation. Every time I present the, “if your god is so knowing and all powerful, why do we need to pray to it at all for what it already knows what we need?” I get the same, tired, circular argument bullshit that we do not understand “his ways.” I tell them that their god is a self righteous pissant who craves attention; a kid with a magnifying glass over an ant bed. They play the “god works in mysterious ways” card every time. How do you conduct an intelligent argument with these brainwashed lunatics? “It is god’s wish, god has a plan, god is testing our faith.” I say your god needs a good old fashioned ass-kicking! The spoiled brat!

My family does not know (they suspect) that I am an atheist. Now that my mother is dead, I do not think there is much left to hold me back. My mother and I used to have very good discussions about god and jebus. She always played the “cover your base” card. I told her that an eternity with christains, muslims, and all the other religions I can think of (including wiccans) would be a hell. “Lights out” like turning Data from Star trek off is my idea of heaven; existence ends! Give my body to the coyotes. Fortunately, my wife feels the same way. Atheist Nexus is the safest place I know to vent. Thank you for letting me do just that.             

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Comment by Michael Penn on May 21, 2013 at 7:46am
I am sorry for your loss. Going through this is not easy, and my own mother has been gone now over 6 years. Dad tells me I need to go to the cemetery more. I tell him maybe he needs to go to the cemetery more. Each person will deal with their loss in their own way, and like you, I don't need the theistic crap.



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