specialises in cool atheist / agnostic / humanist / pro-science / skeptical / irreligious t-shirts which are fun to wear.

We champion science, reason and free speech. We think that modern society should be tolerant, pluralist and funny. We respect the right of people to believe whatever they would like to believe, to express those beliefs publicly and to engage in reasoned debate without fear or recrimination.

Our products are cheeky and playful but stop short of being openly hostile unless you happen to be narrow-minded, bigoted or incapable of grasping humour.

We're proudly West Australian and we're based in Perth, which is a little past Dubbo for people from Sydney. – winning the war for open hearts and minds, one smile at a time.

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Comment by GM on July 6, 2013 at 9:37pm

They are simple, but gets to the point, I like it.  Nicely done!



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