Oh dear, Mr Ham. Are you absolutely unable to write anything that vaguely resembles things like truth and reality?

You write: “Of course, we can’t always rely on reporting to be accurate from newspapers for stories like this, so there’s always the possibility that we don’t know all the facts.” (The story revolves around an American street preacher arrested in an English town for making an anti-homosexual hate ‘sermon’).

So what Ham does is assume the worst-case scenario, which in his mind means that Christians in Britain are being persecuted. This couldn’t be any further from the truth, but you don’t like the t-word, do you Ken?

So, as we don’t know the truth, let me also make a few speculations:

1. The lady who reported Mr Miano was a Christian, ashamed of being associated with a bigot like him. Or, she has a family member who is a homosexual, and was personally insulted by Mr Mianio’s nastiness.

2. Mr Miano was released without charge because he is a Christian. The person who agreed to free him was also a Christian.

The truth is, yes, Britain is a secular country. But not in the way  Mr Ham would define it. We are secular in the sense that people are free to practice whatever religion they wish, or no religion at all. Yes, that’s going to come as a complete shock to Ham, but in this country, not even atheists are persecuted. Neither are Christians. Despite what Mr Ham infers, Christians* are not in danger of being arrested just because they are Christians. And because in many ways we are quite a modern,  open-minded country, we do not persecute homosexuals either. Again, this will come as a nasty surprise to Mr Ham, but we are quite at ease with homosexuality in this country, unlike in third-world countries that he wishes us and his adopted country to be.

This is why Mr Miano was arrested. He clearly was using offensive language in a public area. Personally, I would rather he hadn’t been arrested, but at the same time I would rather homophobic tapeworm like Mr Miano would just shut their bile-filled mouths.

Anyway, Ken, if there’ s anything we can do to advance America’s secular culture by ensuring that it strives for true secularisation, we’d be happy to provide the guiding light.

*There is, of course, one sector of society who dread the words “oi, Christian, you’re nicked.”  I refer, of course, to those habitual criminals who are named Christian.

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Comment by Dave Godfrey on July 16, 2013 at 6:09am

Generally Pat, I find Americans to be quietly spoken and very nice people. Hell, My daughter-in-law is American. I certainly don't judge people of any nationality based on a few stupid blowhards. Obversely, on the few times I've been to America, I simply cannot complain about the  warmth and welcome interest I've been shown by your countrymen.

Comment by Michael Penn on July 15, 2013 at 4:05pm

I have a few questions about viewpoints of homosexuality, but it's not my lifestyle. I have a few homosexual friends, but not many. Problems with Christians mainly are that they want to judge and take the place of their god when they do so. This results in what they call their "persecution." My own step father once said to me, "Michael, you are going to split hell wide open." He is semi correct. The day will come when I am dead and they open up "hell" about 6 feet and lower my body on down. Either that happens or I get cremated. Whichever comes first.

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