If you will, please read the foreword to a novel that I am writing. I have about 8-10 chapters and would like to self publish this work of mine a chapter or so at a time. I am tired of goofing around with these publishers I am not sure about, so, my hopes are to just give it to you kind folks if I can figure out how to do this ! There's many things I don't, yet, quite understand about my Chromebook, although I like it a lot . My book is about the many missing years of, arguably, one of the most famous personalities in history ! Please feel free to comment in any way that flips your trigger .  No offense will ever be taken ! This would be far from being one of my most outstanding disasters , and, frankly, I think is alright . Now,.. If I can figure out a way to share it with you. Mmmmm, I know, I'll type it :  

                               Joseph Who ?

      foreword                       by WBGrant                          TGF     

A very long time ago in a land far away , something happened that caused time to be measured in a two part timeline. These two Earth periods were to be initialed either as, BC or AD, the way it is today. There is only one day in all of history (so far as we think) that is initialed both BC and AD. Why ? Well, you see, allegedly, there was this man, who was guilty as sin of wholeheartedly believing that he was a man-god and decided to come"out of the closet"and, and, of course, in those days, he had to pay a hefty price for that because in those days, it wasn't cool at all, unless you happened to be some of emperor or something . Heck, my next door neighbor thinks that he is completely God, but, apparently, nobody seems to mind, and furthermore, in THIS land ,... it's legal, although insanely narcissistic, don't you think ?  

Well,... anyway I'm sure that most readers understand that I can not type the extent of my novel with my poor typing skills and handicaps. So, having about 21-2200 words left, I will have to abandon my efforts, and , continue to get it to you another way . You may wish to read it and the 1st chapter on my G+ profile(which I hope that you do) .

Of course, there is an other option and that is for you to e-mail me and just put "novel" and I will send you back my fore word and chapter 1,......agreed? The e-mail address is wggrant444@gmail.com       Thanks a bunch         wgrant



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Comment by William Grant on July 28, 2013 at 4:02pm

***************GO TO GOOGLE+ ,THEN MY G+PROFILE , CLICK Joseph Who ? for my book   ***************************************************************************************************************

Comment by William Grant on July 28, 2013 at 9:01am

Go to G+ ,... go to my profile ,and , there's the foreword. Chrome is very private with my stuff , but this works OK to me Good luck !

Comment by Loren Miller on July 28, 2013 at 6:20am

Attach the foreword here or in a blog post or something and sure, I'll read it.

Comment by tom sarbeck on July 28, 2013 at 3:43am

I hope you are enjoying the act of creating it.

Because fiction is so hard to sell, professional writers do a couple of chapters and an outline of their entire story and circulate these. They then do something else: usually start another story or earn some money.

I learned the above while a member of the National Writers Union.



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