Amazing! Ken Ham chooses to celebrate an event where just about every living thing was condemned to drown, yet criticizes modern society for accepting homosexuality and abortion. Think on that for a moment. With a few exceptions, every living thing on Earth was unilaterally killed by the slow process of water filling their lungs. That’s every animal, every child, every adult, every new-born baby. Yet Ken Ham celebrates this as a good thing.

On the other hand, Ham rages against homosexuality as an abomination. In his twisted world, consensual love between adults of the same sex is as an abomination in comparison to every living thing slowly and deliberately suffering death as the air in their lungs is replaced by water.

He also rails against abortion, claiming millions of children are killed. I’m no expert, but I believe abortion clinics are run by well-meaning, well trained medical people who undertake what is probably an unpleasant procedure a...See More
It’s Time to Rebuild Noah’s Ark! Why? - Answers in Genesis
Ken explains how building an Ark will remind people of the truth of God’s Word and call them to salvation.

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Comment by Michael Penn on September 12, 2013 at 11:14am

Ken Ham is an idiot. Rebuilding Noah's ark would have no more effect than "finding" Noah's ark. (Like if they ever found it, there would be writing on the inside wall saying "Noah" and some crude pictures of animals.) How old would that wooden boat be now? How could you possibly believe that it still existed intact, if it ever existed at all?

This is all like arguing with my Christian friend yesterday. He thinks I'm almost coming out atheist, and says there is no evidence for evolution. God created us, he said. I asked him to explain wisdom teeth and the appendix. He changed the subject.

Comment by Loren Miller on September 12, 2013 at 6:45am

Ken Ham hasn't just drunk the Kool-Aid; he's taken baths in the stuff.  If his god said it or did it, that's good enough for him ... which makes me wonder if he likes to eat at Red Lobster or wears blended fabrics.

The selective vision of such people is truly frightening.  That he's allowed to speak before children who will likely believe every word he says is more so.



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