Neuroscience is the only Science that may Destroy Religion?

Using dynamic brain imaging techniques, Neurologists can now map thoughts and many of the functions of the brain.

Though many of the functions of brain structures are already well known from the works of Sapolsky, Ramachandran and others on those who have had lesions, injuries and deformities of the brain, which leads to clues of brain function.

Probable Neurological Cause of Sense of Having a Relationship With God:It is well known that the most important formation for humans is relationships, from birth we start forming relationships with our mother and others.  We subconsciously build maps of our relationships with others and also map the perceived consciousness of those we associate with as well as maps of our own consciousness.

Though firstly we start building maps of the most important people in our lives like our Mother.

We build what some refer to as a You-Map, of our mother from birth, which contains her facial expressions and links to the meanings we perceive of each one, what actions bring her attention to us, what actions make her unhappy.  Yes, we construct a basic survival map of our mother and parents subconsciously in our infant brain.  And rely on our basic mammalian brain functions for our own functions like hunger, pain and comfort needs.

Later on as toddlers we start analyzing and constructing our own consciousness maps or Me-Maps.

and we also construct maps that signify our relationships with both parents and our siblings, or You-Maps for everyone we associate with as well as We-Maps that outline our overall group cohesion and synchronicity.

Here is where religious Indoctrination enters the mix.

Since we not only construct You-Maps for those we transact with, but, we also construct You-Maps for people and characters we learn about.  Such as in reading Superman comics, we construct consciousness maps for Superman and the other characters.  Thus we can automatically sense that we have a relationship with Superman, because we have this consciousness map in our Prefrontal Cortex, which makes us think or conceive we know how Superman thinks about almost anything.

These consciousness maps are a construct, formed from comments and rules uttered by or attributed to Superman and scenarios enacted within the comic. 

In reference to religious scripture, these are equivalent to Rules and Statements attributed to God, along with actions within the many parables and books.

These build consciousness or You-Maps of God and the other Biblical characters, including Satan.

Indoctrination also builds a strong association between their God and the Victim which creates a strongly imposed God & I, We-Map.  Which in some cases rivals their family We-Maps.

Through indoctrination, these You-Maps of God and We-Maps of their association with God, are continually being retrieved and adjusted throughout the Indoctrination process.  So that the victim eventually has such a strong You-Map and We-Map of the God, it rivals the Maps of his/her own Mother and Family.  I've known many who completely disassociated themselves from their families because they felt a much stronger bond with their God.

This is a great explanation of why many Indoctrinated individuals feel they have a strong relationship with their God, because of the heavily fortified, but incredibly False consciousness maps of God that Indoctrination has implanted into their prefrontal cortex.

Religious Experiences:

Since those of us who have been influenced by Indoctrination already have Perceptual You-Maps of God, when unexplainable events and brain trauma to the Temporal Lobes occur, the probability that we will draw on this misconception of God is heightened.

Temporal lobe trauma has been verified by experimentation to invoke images and illusions of such characters that have been instilled into our memories by indoctrination.  For instance: Christians will often have illusions of the Biblical God, Jesus or Mother Mary, depending on the strength of the links and You-Maps created for these characters.  Maybe some will invoke images of Superman, for a Superman comic freak.  Though for Islamic sufferers, Allah and Muhammad are often invoked and for Hindu sufferers, Vishnu, Rama or Krishna become the characters in their Temporal Lobe trauma illusions.

So, with You-Maps for these characters deeply entrenched in their Prefrontal Cortex and some that suffer traumas and depression, anxiety which invokes responses from their temporal lobes.

It's no wonder that they gain a sense of strong connection and sense an attachment to their God(s).

Though: Modern Neurological research may eventually prove this connection and then we can eventually prove that God is in fact, nothing more than a construction of the incredibly deceptive Human Brain.

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Comment by cbenhamcox on September 16, 2013 at 10:50pm

I wasn't lucky enough to find my curiosity so early!  It was during my freshman year at a Christian university in Literature of the Old Testament, where we learned about the canonization of scripture.  Yikes!  That was a terrifying and beautiful day.

 That cracked it open for me.  Sometimes I want to be a double agent and get a professorship position at that same university, but dishonesty doesn't suit me.

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on September 16, 2013 at 6:23pm

Thanks cbenhamcox,

You are right, curiosity is the major component that leads to doubt.

It was curiosity, plus my parents purchasing a very nice, massive "Chambers Encyclopedia" set and a set of Scientific Encyclopedias that turned my curious mind onto extreme doubt.

Especially when my church minister told me not to trust the Encyclopedia's version of Christian history.  That only spurred my curiosity on and I found the encyclopedia's account of Christian history extremely cruel and barbaric, along with doubts about the ministry and deeds of Jesus Christ, highlighting that all his miracles only appeared long after his death, as if the followers were making them up to justify their belief in Jesus.

If we can generate that spark of curiosity and give them something with substance to feed that curiosity on, we are half way to success.

Comment by cbenhamcox on September 16, 2013 at 8:59am

I agree that sparks of doubt are the key.  Also, creating curiosity.  As a former "true believer", and a person with rational intellect, I first found studies like this terrifying and had to shut them out of my mind.  When a crack appeared in my faith, the evidence from articles like this poured through it and made it safe to study, and eventually leave.  I'm a firm believer that it is not those participating in a debate that convince the theist of the silliness of his/her ways, it is the ones observing the debate that walk away with what they need to have the courage to leave.  

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on September 15, 2013 at 10:57pm

Well Loren:

This is the aim of my Blogs.

A little bit of education for those who haven't been taught what we both already know.

For some Atheists, this tit-bit of knowledge may confirm their own movement away from religion.

For those Theists who have an inkling of rational intellect that accidentally come across my blogs, who are unlikely to be aware of the concepts I open in my blogs.

It may generate a tiny spark of doubt within.

This tiny spark is sometimes all that is required to turn their doubt into a raging fire of contempt at those who indoctrinated them.

Thus, possibly adding some more Atheists to our ever growing group.

Yes Loren, Adding a spark of doubt is all I am aiming at:

Sometimes this is sufficient.

Comment by Loren Miller on September 15, 2013 at 10:39pm

I think it takes more than that, bro.

What it takes is getting the people with doubts to admit that they have doubts.  THEN, get them to actually LOOK at what's going on, get them to do what the churches don't want them to do: THINK ... and after thinking, recognize the reality: that someone has been trying real hard to pull the wool over their eyes.

We have no chance with the true believers.  We DO have a chance with the doubters, the ones on the fence, those who aren't 100% sure and are trying to figure it out for themselves, but are being actively sandbagged and bamboozled by the bible bums.

It's going to be a while, sadly ... but when the con artists start to feel the earth shift beneath their feet and their stories fail to find resonance with their audience BECAUSE we've done that groundwork ... THEN we can claim that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that it is NOT an oncoming train.

But not until.

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on September 15, 2013 at 10:31pm

True Loren.

Some day, Psychologists and Neurologists around the world may unite and together, not only blast the damn bird, but render the bird Extinct.

Individuals like us have no real clout.

It needs to be a Team of Professionals that together can influence the Government policies and Social Knowledge.

I'm only stirring the test tube.

Comment by Loren Miller on September 15, 2013 at 10:08pm

We've KNOWN that for AGES.  The problem is that the utterly fucked-up believers won't acknowledge that evidence or any other, not so long as it doesn't agree with their equally fucked-up holy book.

You're still playing chess with a pigeon.  Do yourself the favor of Shooting the Damned Bird!



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