I find the topic of the definition of a "Nerd" fairly interesting. What exactly is a nerd? A person who's into "geeky" things? If that's the case, then what exactly is "geeky"? Now, when you think fo a Geeky thing, you'd think of things like Star Wars, Star Treck, Video Games, and the lot. Now, how is that geeky? Perhaps because the concept of a universe such as the Star Wars world requiers much thinking to understand it fully? If this is the case, then Nerds think fairly often. Nerds are usually percieved as that weak scrawny kid with a bad case of acne, tidy but greasy hair, some smashed up glasses, and dress clothes. What does a Nerd do? Typically a Nerd is always excelling at school, is a teacher's pet, has a crush on a girl who is way "out of his leauge", and likes to watch Si Fi movies with his fellow Nerd bretherin.

Now, with all this considered, I myself must be a Nerd. I absolutley love the Star Wars trilogy, I wear Glasses, I do pretty well in school, and Acne isn't very ind to me. So does that make me a Nerd? Does that mean I have "No Life"? I don't know. Mainly because of the fact that I don't understand what Non-Nerds call a "Life". Going to partys full of underage drinking, car driving, and sex filled adventures, perhaps? Is that what's "cool"? I don't think any of that is cool, just stupid. Why does being smart make me "uncool"? Why does liking Star Wars, letting my Afro grow out, and not wanting to go to any parties make me a "Nerd"? Is it becasue I'm black, but use a sophisticated vocabulary? Is it becasue I end all words that end with an "ing" with an "ing" instead of the "ghetto" "n'"? Is it becasue I like to read instead of get high off of make-shift blunts? Is it because I'm sixteen years old and STILL not smoking yet? Is it because I'm out of the celebrity loop? Is it becasue of the fact that I don't care if some pop star got mugged by her boyfriend? Maybe.

Well, in all honesty if doing the things listed above are considered "Cool" by the "majority", I'd like to stay in my current "nerd" status. I'd rather play my Xbox 360 for hours, instead of convincing my friend to get high off of some drug, then abandon him or her as a joke. I'm not being a nerd, or boring. I'm being smart.

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Comment by Ian on March 4, 2009 at 9:20pm
Stay a nerd - you'll be the one who has a job that you enjoy and pays good money ten years from now; at least if my life is any guide to such things. If you want to play with people's heads, make yourself a T-Shirt that says, PNERD and see how many of your class mates have any idea that P before N is silent.
Comment by Jennifer W on February 22, 2009 at 11:13am
I wasn't the prom queen, or the girl that every guy desired in HS. Matter of fact. I didn't wear the clothes, got into to the fads, I was in the nerd clique. I look back at it and maybe I didn't get the bf I desired, maybe I didn't get the attention I craved at times, but I'm glad I didn't make the same mistakes as my peers in compromising myself. Being a nerd was and still is fantastic. I have confidence that you will not give in to temptations of "superficial peer hierarchy" for one second, because rationally its pretty stupid.
Comment by pirategirl17 on February 21, 2009 at 7:17pm
I resent the fact that you didn't mention band nerds in your description of nerds. We're nerds too! Haha.
Comment by cj the cynic on February 21, 2009 at 4:52pm
All I know is that Nerds are a great candy :)

High school goes by really fast. Hang in there.

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