The hunger for like minded people to be together and to reassure each other as the world says we are insane!

I am an atheist who has strong views about religion and the state......even at work I am surrounded by theist who I most generally cannot relate to nor them me. I so hunger for atheist companionship I cannot put it into words. I so miss like minded peeps that see the u.s. government and governments of the world for what they are.........I crave the atheist connection most of all. I had a wonderful group of like minded friends on facebook and the n.s.a. infected my computer to point I could no longer function effectively on it for my views on the u.s. government.......I had to shut it down and a lot of the most beautiful critical thinkers,who I considered to be friends were gone. I am reading the god delusion for the first time and am moving to sam harris from there.......peace be with each and everyone......

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Comment by kent l thompson on January 8, 2014 at 2:23am

don't kid yourselves......I don't want to expand anymore because this is a site for atheist not for poltiical views as persay......I do firmly believe that face book,twitter and most forms of media can and is being used to divide the people further in this country.......I was  called a paranoid 10 years or better ago when I sais my computors and phones were being screwed with.......they are just screwing with me because I don't believe in the bullshit they are cramming down peoples throats........

Comment by Asa Watcher on January 7, 2014 at 10:07am


I have to agree with Milo.

I’m a bit concerned about the level of “paranoia” expressed here.

 To believe that YOU are such a threat to the government  that

the n.s.a. infected my computer to point I could no longer function effectively on it for my views on the u.s. government.....”  

approaches the level of delusion that theists have that they are so important that god pays attention to their every movement.

“I am a man of peace but have been severly [sic] repermanded [sic] for simply try [sic] to exercise my freedom of speech. Sound familiar?”

No, Kent, it doesn’t sound familiar.

Take a deep breath.  

The gumment ain’t out to getcha.

Comment by kent l thompson on January 3, 2014 at 3:58am

Think about it milo.......indoctrination is not only religious.....the state uses it profoundly creating entire generations of mindless sheep.......eventually children will become desensitized to the point that it is okay to be a  terr orist suspect until proven otherwise.......I am a man of peace but have been severly repermanded for simply try to exercise my freedom of speech. Sound familiar? Don't ask questions,dont think,just blindly accept.......if that is the fringe actions than so be it.......have a wonderful day bro'

Comment by Milo on January 2, 2014 at 10:37pm

I have to wonder exactly how fringe you are if the NSA had you shut down your facebook... that's pretty weird, guy

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on January 2, 2014 at 6:08pm

I used to be surrounded by theists, but now it's hard to find any devout ones, most of the theists here have moderated to a level where they could be called agnostic.

As far as like minded individuals. 

Most IT people I've met are Atheists, same goes for those in psychology and the sciences.

Getting into science and IT will usually surround you with intellectual atheists.

Monty Python, esp. Life of Brian,  fans are nearly always thinking, skeptical Atheists, John Cleese is an Anti-Theist like myself.


Tim Minchin fans are also like minded, intellectual atheists.

Most of my friends and family are such.

Sometimes, A/N, makes me feel so lucky.

I hope the situation there becomes the same as it is here, highly secularized.

My wife had a theist spout about his Christianity at her workplace, the boss and everybody else blasted him for it, now he hides in his shell and won't speak to anybody.

It's a bit like the reverse situation here now where once, years ago, Atheists got shunned for mentioning their atheism, now theists are being shunned for mentioning their theism.


Comment by Ted Foureagles on January 1, 2014 at 12:06pm

Good point TFA!  It's an asymmetrical society in which we atheists hold little sway, and ports in the storm are important to our psychological well-being.  I think that if you're a fan of reality and hope to honestly pursue it, it's necessary or at least helpful to explore at minimum the surface of what we might see as the unrealistic bubble of religiosity.  We can't just wave it off as insignificant because so many of our fellows subscribe to its tenets (a majority here in the Southeast US).  It's a really thick balloon, and the occasional pin prick from us isn't going to pop it.  It allows those inside to roll almost unimpeded over us not within, and what resistance we offer amounts to about as much as a toad on the highway resists a truck tire.  Atheism has no use for martyrs, and so we hop out of the way of the oncoming semi, but we don't accept that we can't cross the highway at all.  Some of us will get squashed -- that's just the nature of nature, and some of us will make it across to spread our ideas.  We won't do much of anything if we sit intimidated on the shoulder and chat among ourselves.

Comment by kent l thompson on January 1, 2014 at 11:59am

I tend to somewhat agree with the both of you......but as I now know clearly what indoctrination is and how works.........(mind control) I find most americans living in an illusion......a reality real to them but have no clue that this perception of reality was planted into them as it was I seek truth away from this pack of sheep called society I start to get different answers from many directions on what truth might be......I don't know that I will ever know absolute truth but I continue to question all answers and do not fit in most social circles......I am to old for more illusion,lies ect.ect......I fear for the generations coming behind me......thankyou for your comments you guys.......(just an old hippie)...........


Comment by The Flying Atheist on January 1, 2014 at 11:27am

Ted, you're correct that it's important to venture out and hear different viewpoints other than our own.  This is true for any issue.  When it comes to religion, as atheists it's impossible to avoid hearing contradictory viewpoints because religion is so pervasive, so overtly visible in our society.  There's really no way to hide ourselves in an atheistic bubble.  What I find interesting, though, is that the very religious CAN shroud themselves inside a theistic bubble and deny so much of the real world around them. 

Comment by Ted Foureagles on December 31, 2013 at 11:40pm

Peace to you too Kent, and hippy gnu ear!  Atheist Nexus is a nice little place to find comfort among like-minded folk, and I come here often for peace and vindication of my views.  I think that there's a danger in sticking too closely to those with whom you agree, and so I go out when I feel strong enough and interact with those holding different views.  They're not hard to find here in the Bible Belt.  Taking an atheistic stance around here doesn't win me any sociopolitical points, but it exposes me to thoughts I might not otherwise have had and forces me to refine my arguments in ways that preaching to the choir couldn't.  Reading Fox News is something of a revelation to someone who didn't realize that people actually thought that way.  When the awful crap just gets to be too much, I retreat here.  But it's a mistake never to go out there.



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