I am relatively new here, and this is my first post. I'm a busy Mom and I don't usually take the time to blog about anything.

But I am annoyed.......again! I thought that if I survived another holiday season of listening to many of my Christian friends and family 'take sides in the war on christmas', that I could just go on with my life until the phony war rears up its ugly head again.

Now, I am more of a political junky, and my main concern is money in politics. It's the root cause of a lot of the problems that we have here in America. Affecting my general big 3 concerns; the environment, healthcare, and education. I care about freedom from religion, but it's not my main focus. Being in WI, the home of FFR, I have a lot of atheist friends who do seem to make this their main priority. And perhaps listening to them, and learning their arguments, has made me notice more annoying behavior from the Christians that surround me.

I'm, for now, going to skip over how they annoy me with there arguments against choice and homosexuality. This is related to a lack of concern for the environment, because, you know, god and stuff, blah, blah, blah. But there is a women I know, who is nice and we have polite debates on many topics. Overpopulater (6 kids), homeschooler, smug reposter of Christian blogs, don't worry, god will take care, or not, all part of the plan, more blah, blah, blah, you've all probably heard it. Well, she had started to do more gluten free and organic. And we share recipes, my son has behavior issues connected to certain chemicals in packaged foods. Well, today she posted a Christian blog that told her food was not god. That while it's nice to homecook meals and eat organic produce, it's really not necessary, insert anecdotal evidence about 90 year olds who drink coke everyday here. God will, or will not, give you disease, and will, or will not, heal you. All part of the plan, you know, no need to try to be better. Yuck!

I'm very live and let live. You're welcome to your religion, not my business, so don't try to make it so. Don't want to be insulted by my beliefs, don't ask me questions that make me tell you that god's not real. Now that I'm 'out', it seems that I have more praise Jesus' and god's from those surrounding me. I don't know if it's increased or just my annoyance. But I needed a vent. I'm glad that this space exists!

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