Questions for theists 

Do you really believe there is a supernatural energy who made heaven and Earth? 

or a supernatural energy impregnated a woman? 

or a virgin gave birth to a son? 

or a man who had supernatural power lived on the Earth? 

or in a supernatural spirit? 

or a supernatural man died, was buried, descended into hell? 

or a supernatural man who rose from being dead three days?

or a supernatural man ascended into heaven? 

or do you believe you are part of a group chosen by a supernatural being entitled to redemption? 

or that I have to testify that So-or-so is my lord and master? 

or in the communion of saints? 

or the forgiveness of sin? 

or the resurrection of the body? 

or in a life everlasting? 

"Do you really believe that a female was made from the rib of a male?"  (sk8eycat)

 "In the case of parthenogenesis, how did a woman give birth to a son?“ (sk8eycat) 

“Where did the 'Y' chromosome come from?” (sk8eycat)

“Why didn't YHWH tell his "chosen people" that the earth is NOT flat?” (sk8eycat)

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Comment by Grinning Cat on April 9, 2014 at 2:37am

Most of those questions are specifically for (trinitarian) Christians. Here are a few of the many excellent, pointed questions from the Rev. James Huber's Questions for Bible-Thumpers:

Do you believe that the King James is the literal word of God, that is, that God spoke to Moses in Elizabethan English?

How do you know that the Bible is the unaltered word of God?

If there are no flaws in the Bible, why do many of us see clear contradictions, factual errors, and suspicious omissions, especially regarding matters of physical science?
("If your answer involves a defect in my mental ability, Why is it more likely that I suffer from this disorder than you? If your answer involves a lack of faith on my part, how does this apply to Islamic fundamentalists, who are quite willing to die for their faith?")

If parts of the bible are metaphor, "Why should I accept your guess as to which parts are metaphoric, and which are literal?"

"If AIDS is God's punishment for sex, why is a little piece of rubber so effective at preventing it? Are all sins absolved when committed in conjunction with rubber, or just those related to sex? Can I, for example, worship graven images so long as they're made out of rubber?"

"If you answered any question beginning 'Why did God...' by saying it is not our place to question God, explain why you feel free to question his decision to make me an Atheist."

Comment by Joan Denoo on April 9, 2014 at 12:20am

Don't theists understand that every LGBT person was born to straight parents? (sk8eycat ).


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