Practice good Internet safety habits with the following tips

Keep your system clean

Keep an updated security app: Having the latest security program, browser, and OS are the best defenses against malware and other online threats.

Protect all the devices connected to the Internet: Along with PCs, gaming systems, smart phones, and other web-enabled devices also need security from malware and viruses.

Automate PC software updates: Most software programs will automatically connect and update in order to defend against known threats. Enable automatic updates in your system if such an option is available.

Plug and scan external devices: USB sticks, hard disks, and other external devices are prone to virus and malware infection. Use your security app to thorough scan them once a week.

Connect with great Care

Be wary about Wi-Fi hotspots: Do not conduct business or any important transactions at public Wi-Fi spots. Be wary of the fact it is easy for anyone to access your personal information at public places.

Be careful about suspicious mails: Links in mails, posts, and other online advertising most often pave way for hackers to compromise your system. If any link looks suspicious, regardless of the fact whether you know the source or not, it is best to delete such mails or mark as junk email.

Protect your money: While banking and shopping online, check whether the websites are security enabled. Look for web addresses with “HTTPS” or a padlock symbol, which means the website has taken extra measures to help protect your information. Remember, “HTTP” is not secure.

Be Internet Smart

Give a thought before you act: Be aware of communications that compel you to take immediate action by offering things that are too good to be true.

Stay updated. Keep in line with new ways to online safety: Download from only trusted websites. Check for the latest updates on the web, and share with family, friends, and colleagues encouraging them to be Internet smart.

Back up data: Safeguard your valuable work, videos, music, photos, files, and other digital data by making an e-copy and storing it safely.

Anything you might do online has the potential to affect people around youat home, work, and across the globe. Practicing good Internet habits benefits you and the whole global digital community.

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Comment by Michael Penn on May 25, 2014 at 9:01am

I'm back today with another computer experience. Always trying to optimize and make things work better, I sometimes mess things up. About a year ago I tried a program for a time that ended up modfying my services settings and the end result was that Widows Firewall could not start. I got rid of that program quickly but nobody could help me get my firewall back. Finally I'm trying a "tweaking" program that will re-set the firewall, but it didn't work either. Here's why:

You have to be a genius or go to and get their all in one repair program. Four things have to be changed here because the original muck up program likely changed them to cause the problem. In all in one repair you tick:

1. Reset registry permissions

2. Reset file permissions

3. Repair WMI

4. Repair the Windows Firewall

It took a while to run, but now I have my firewall back again! Beware of programs that want to modify your services settings in order to "gain" you something. It cannot be done safely. It's like driving down the highway and someone says you do not need all of your car.

I learned my lesson.

Comment by Michael Penn on May 24, 2014 at 7:11am

Last nights virus experience is something that happens to me often. It was no problem but went sort of like this:

My laptop is usually off and just setting on the table. I knew that 2 programs were going to expire soon, thought I had it all set to automatically update, but there are still buttons you have to press, etc. I turned on the computer and the screen fills with a registration I have to file again on Avast Free, along with an expiration on Advanced System Care. The problem was that the computer was doing strange things. I couldn't fill out the short registration or do much online.

I knew what this was, and it happened so quickly just by firing the computer up.

Malware Bytes Pro to the rescue! I ran the scan and got 66 PUP items quickly, and they were all in Google. Second time this has happened and I do not trust Google because of this. Of course, by what I'm reporting here I was up and running again in no time!

It's important to keep anti virus programs up to date and run (and have) several but make sure they are all compatable.

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