Creationists call Queen Elizabeth II a liar

I'll be upfront about this: I am dedicated Republican. In the UK, this means that I am opposed to the monarchy, and am a member of a campaign to have of Head of State democratically elected rather than chosen by the lottery of birth. As a Republican, I am often critical of the monarchy, and on occasion, of the Queen herself.

However, even I would balk at calling her a bare-faced liar. Prominent creationists, among them Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, and Stephen Green of Christian Voice UK, have no such qualms.

As Head of State of an officially non-secular state, the Queen is also the Head of the Church of England (the actual title is Supreme Governor of the Church of England. The Church of England officially accepts that evolution is true, and by extension, the Queen also must officially accept that evolution is true. Thus, when creationists claim that evolution is a lie, not only are they calling the CofE a bunch of liars, they are saying that the Queen herself accepts and encourages the lie.

(Note: I have no idea whether the Queen even knows what evolution actually means, nor whether she personally supports the idea. But as Supreme Governor of the Church of England, in her official capacity, she certainly endorses it).

Ironically, Stephen Green is pro-monarchy, and a loyal supporter of the Queen. Yep, the same queen who he is calling a liar. That, Mr Green, is a treasonous accusation. The Tower awaits.

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Comment by jlaz on May 16, 2014 at 12:08am

hi -  fwiw:

In the end I don't think we'll have very much credibility as atheists if we try to come up with elaborate reasons to say that theists should suffer state-sanctioned violence for being rude in their disagreements with us. 

Your logic seems a bit off to me.  I think if you really are interested to move the UK into the 21st (or at least the 18th) century as far as getting rid of the monarchistic system, one of the things I think will be needed to will be to allow for free speech including insulting of the monarchy.  It doesn't sound like anyone directly used the words "the queen is a liar" but whether they did or not, who cares?  So what?  Big deal.

You seem to have this extreme view that some proponent of creationism can now be threatened (in your view) with accusations of "Treason" and so threatened with the gallows, but isn't that the view of someone who thinks that the Queen is in some way sacrosanct?  Perhaps you should fight for maintaining the monarchy?

For all I know your interpretation of UK law is on the mark (though I doubt it), but that doesn't mean your logic is good as to where you should stand on the issues. Heck, you write "Thus, when creationists claim that evolution is a lie, not only are they calling the CofE a bunch of liars, they are saying that the Queen herself accepts and encourages the lie...."

Would you say that Theism is a lie? I guess my own wording would be that it's nonsense for primitives, but let's not get bogged down on words.  By your own logic should you then be accused of insulting the queen in some way?

Comment by Michael Penn on May 13, 2014 at 6:07am

I see your point. I know nothing of Green, but I wouldn't walk across the street to see Ken Ham.



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