I'm sitting here  wondering if anyone here has ever considered what the repercussions would be from atheists on the internet all going to safe zones where religious people are not allowed...I mean...should not the objective be...to have the material we create out there for all of those that are on the wire and undecided? Safe is certainly not courageous. And in the age of information...where bad information is shuffled around more than accurate information..at the speed of light..should we not be out there in the middle of it..putting things right wherever possible... instead of hiding in a safe area? Atheists are still too few and far between to become an exclusive club yet don't you think? I mean.. our education systems are suffering from religion...our political systems are under attack by the religitards..and by way of both of these...our environment is under attack as well....and it IS a war of sorts...a war for the survival of the species...are we going to sit here and safely talk about it...or are we going to 'man up' ..so to speak.. and actually BE about it?

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Comment by Aleister Gates on May 23, 2014 at 2:47pm

Loren...this may be true...but when you consider how absolutely horrible religion has proven to be for the world....for human evolution...it is almost a duty. But in this post..you might notice..I am specifically speaking about online..and online...it doesn't matter where you live..hehe...unless you live in one of the numerous countries that will kill or imprison you for it. I live in a primarily mexican neighborhood...they are ALL religious..devoutly...and each of them know that my family is atheist...and im sorry.. but everyone accepts it...no one treats me differently...or my children. Because im honest.  And I still imagine that folks hiding and being atheist is doing nothing for the species at all. But I understand your point as well...it really depends on the person...their salt....and their situation...as to whether they come out as atheist. However...the only way it will ever change is when the number of outspoken atheists increases enough...and hiding in a safe place where everyone agrees with us might not be the best solution. Being afraid to come out even to our own family may just be bordering on cowardice.

Comment by Atheist Andrea on May 23, 2014 at 5:51am
Very true and well said, Loren.
Comment by Loren Miller on May 23, 2014 at 5:31am

Let's be real: depending on where you live, coming out as an atheist can be at best problematic.  In states like Mississippi or Tennessee, announcing your atheism may be tantamount to social suicide.  In places like Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Pakistan, however, the potential results read more like HOMICIDE ... of the atheist!  Fact is, Saudi just declared that atheists are terrorists as it is, which makes being public about one's apostasy considerably less than an easy decision.

I must have said this a dozen times on A|N: coming out is a PERSONAL decision, which may depend on one's immediate familial, social, and governmental environment.  Nota bene.

Comment by Atheist Andrea on May 23, 2014 at 4:48am
Hopefully "coming out" about being an atheist is the cool thing to do soon.


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