I just read  a fascinating article  in the Washington Post, that  our  scientists now believe  that  we are getting  very close  to finding Earth's  twin in the Universe......This  planet  is  about as far away  from its sun  as we are to ours...This planet  seems  to show a presence  of  liquid  on its  surface....Scientists  conclude  that  its  atmosphere  is conducive  to life.....A new  telescope  is set  to begin  operation  by 2016  called  the Wells  telescope, and it  will be  much more powerful  than  the Hubble  telescope  which is responsible  for so many  major   discoveries in space.....This new  telescope  should verify  once and for all if  there  is life on this new  planet........This is such  amazing news.....2016   could  be  a banner  year for  world  science.........The article   also  mentioned that every star we see in the sky  is an actual  sun  with  its  own  planetary  universe......That alone  can  blow your mind.......Can you imagine  that  there could be  several  Earth  like planets  out there  many  light years  away....Our  current  science fiction  could one day  become   actually  reality....Something  to think about...............

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Comment by Michael Penn on July 26, 2014 at 9:53am

What always fascinates me about our universe is how vast it must be, (does it even have an end?)  and the fact that directions as we know them here on earth do not really apply in space. Once we fully understand that, and can see things out there so much better, maybe this concept will fully take hold with us. IE, if we have four directions here, at what point in space does any of that apply, or would it apply at all? Which way is up? Which way is down? I can understand these things here, and can navigate well on earth because of this. At what point will we be able to apply direction to our universe, seeing it better in our minds, and be able to map the planets and stars? We can send probes to Mars and other areas of space simply because we have a starting point on earth to go by. It remains true that if I point at my feet the direction is "down" but if you travel that in a straight line it eventually has to become "up."

Seeing our universe is one thing. Seeing more and learning to navigate our universe correctly would be a first step in understanding.

Comment by Rick Springfield on July 25, 2014 at 12:05pm

Our thumb is very powerful we used it for surviving throwing stones and clubbing and making sophisticated stone tools which need big brain, the skillful survive not the strongest.

But the most interesting is that our diet make us most smarter among all, 200 thousands years ago a group of Homo erectus lived by the sea they hunt fish and used it as food, as result we have big and powerful brain and nice skeleton, they became us- modern human, because by fishing no strength needed and our brain get good nutrition. Unlike Neanderthals who evolve 150 k before that ,they do have very strong body and bigger brain, but don’t have perfect body, and powerful brain.

Comment by Luara on July 25, 2014 at 10:59am

without our thumb we will not be this Intelligent

That's an interesting point, our arboreal ancestry may be really important (that's where we got the thumb from). 

Octopi have a lot of ability to manipulate things with their tentacles, maybe that's why they're among the most intelligent invertebrates.

Comment by Loren Miller on July 25, 2014 at 6:19am

A long time ago, I remember reading a science-fiction short story by Arthur C. Clarke: "A Meeting with Medusa."  This piece described an exploration of the atmosphere of Jupiter in a highly sophisticated hot hydrogen balloon, and some highly unexpected discoveries made by the pilot of that mission.  Was this fiction, bordering on fantasy?  Perhaps.  Did it have elements of believability to it?  I doubt I would remember it 40 years later if it hadn't.

One of the points of that story was the seeming unlikelihood of life, not based on land but perpetually suspended in the atmosphere of a planet, and at that, life utterly unlike anything Earth ever knew.  I mention it not just because the story was entertaining, but it opens up the possibility of life of a sort some of us may not have considered.

Comment by Rick Springfield on July 25, 2014 at 6:04am

I’m very eager to a new planet like earth to be discovered, not for finding new life but for alternative place for human.
I’m just want to be aware of (liquid --- life connection), which is what people used to think before- that life come from water-. And that earth is perfect.
Earth is not perfect for human but we adapted to it, surface area of lungs if flattened into one sheet, it’d cover about 75 square meters – roughly the size of a tennis court, so we adapted in hard way to this level of oxygen concentration, if there less or more oxygen we will still be adapted to its concentration. Intelligent designer view earth and human as constant but earth changes from time to time and we follow these changes perfectly.
it took long time for us to evolve in the earth , we been waiting for mutation in our thumb to occur for millions of years,(without our thumb we will not be this Intelligent) maybe in other part of universe they evolve faster, and they do not need oxygen or water to evolve , I know it’s crazy idea, but it’s possible.

Comment by Michael Penn on July 25, 2014 at 12:14am

Thanks for posting this Freethinker31. I can't wait to see pictures from that new Wells telescope. Never heard of it til now, but it sounds terrific!

Comment by Freethinker31 on July 24, 2014 at 10:28pm

According  to to the chart you sent  Pat,  It looks  like  there might be  1000  planets  that  could have intelligent  life.....Of course  we  do not  what  stage  of development  they are in and  we don't  know  how far  away  these  planets  are , but  it is  encouraging....It is incomprehensible that  there  are  billions  of  star galaxies  out  there.....It just  blows  your mind.....

Comment by Pat on July 24, 2014 at 7:52pm
Comment by Luara on July 24, 2014 at 7:31pm

Why we always think that intelligent life only evolve in planet just like earth

People don't think that.  But  we know of no other circumstances besides Earth where intelligent life definitely could evolve.

for intelligent life to be evolve only need is way to convert energy.

If that were true we'd have aliens in the United Nations.

You're like the polar opposite of a creationist.  A creationist thinks we could have appeared only if an omnipotent version of ourselves did it.  You think very little is needed.

Truth is, the Earth is a very special place, to have intelligent life evolve from chemicals.  Just how special, nobody knows.  I like the book Alone in the Universe that I linked to below. 

Comment by Freethinker31 on July 24, 2014 at 5:48pm

Hi Rick....Don't forget  our  atmosphere  needs  just  the right  amounts  of  O2, H, and N......to breathe.....and  it  has  to  be  about the same  distance  from  a sun  as  we are  to our  sun....So  most  planets  will not  make the cut...However  it seems  there  are so many  universes out there  that one may  have  an orbit around  their sun  similar to Earth....That  is what the Wells  telescope will do when it becomes  operational  in 2016


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