The Pennsylvania Atheist/ Humanist Convention 2014

Hello all,

I had a great time at the Pittsburgh DoubleTree Hotel tonight. I met a bunch of great people and had a lot of great conversations.

I met too many people to name them all, but I would like to mention that I got to meet Bill and Suzy. They produce a podcast called Bar Room Atheist which I will be checking out very soon. I spoke mostly with Bill. He used to be a sheriff (I think), and he also studied 'the' Bible to become a better Christian.

I exchanged stories with lots of nonbelievers, as well as a few good jokes.

I'll attend lots of talks tomorrow, and I'm also performing and speaking on Sunday. This is my first convention of this type, and things are going really well.


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Comment by Andrew Bradford Hoke on August 31, 2014 at 6:23pm

Last night I sat in on an atheist podcast called Bar Room Atheist. It was fun, and after editing the podcast should be up in about a week.

Myself and two others with Sunday Assembly got to give a really good presentation today.

I collected all of the business cards I got this weekend, and I plan on hooking up with all of those people via email.

They had a raffle today, and Ann Norman (convention committee) was dressed as God and she'd say "I'm omnipotent, and the next number is ...."

My first conference went great. I recommend atheist conferences to those who have never attended one.

Comment by Andrew Bradford Hoke on August 31, 2014 at 7:26am

Ok, so it's my first convention, and I'm a speaker. I'll also be playing music.

Ok, so I get there Saturday morning, and they tell me that Jerry DeWitt cancelled, and I'll be filling his time slot - no pressure, right? I spent some extra time last night and this morning preparing. He was to give a talk called An Atheist Sermon, which is not very inconsistent with the work I am doing with Sunday Assembly.

Final thought before I log off and head out to the convention: What if people filed a restraining order against God? "Yeah, this guy is watching me. I'm scared because he's prone to violence. He threatening me, he wants to extort money from me... No I've never actually seen him or spoken to him, but everybody tells me he's out there. He wants me to say and do all sorts of weird things... He's totally off his rocker, he says that snakes can talk and, it's all just creepy nonsense..." You get the idea.


Comment by kathy: ky on August 30, 2014 at 11:23pm
Andrew, I just wish I were there. Have a great time and tell a few of your newffriends about A/N if they don't already know.
Comment by Andrew Bradford Hoke on August 30, 2014 at 11:07pm

Hi Deidre and Tom,

Thanks for showing an interest. This is y first convention of his type, and everybody has been great. There will be YouTube stuff available any day now. 

Comment by tom sarbeck on August 30, 2014 at 1:47am

Andrew, if you see this in time, ask around for people who took part in turning back the xians who tried to put Intelligent Design creationism into science courses at Dover (PA) schools.

If you haven't seen the PBS program on the trial, some of them can help you find it. It was a modern day version of the 1925 Scopes trial in Tennessee in which Clarence Darrow battled William Jennings Bryan.



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