The case for the existence of hell.

Let me start off by saying this simply an idea I have from time to time, I consider it a fun existential mental game. It's likely reasons like this most of my friends think I'm macabre and dark lol. This is not reflective of reality nor is it the sum total of my position or outlook on life or the world. I consider myself a reasonably happy person and not particularly depressed so any who get that vibe please understand that its totally ok to embrace the darker emotions (sadness, loss, emptiness), a complete human feels a complete range of emotions. If you're position is everyone must be happy all the time, and can never talk about seemingly dark topics, then I pity you. I suggest if that is the case you might want to protect yourself from what's below. For everyone else, please enjoy this fun crazy idea.


I have sad tidings everyone. You are all of you dead already, and this is hell. From the pope to the children he is forcing aids upon with his madness, from your parents to your religious neighbors. From the scientists who and free thinkers who say there is no god, to the politicians who are bent on destroying the world. All of us were born into hell already. There is no salvation, there is no happy ending for any of us, simply the delusions of those desperate to escape the punishment they've already earned. And the acceptance of those of us willing to embrace the nothingness that is our fate.


Imagine a world of magic and wonder, a world of Unicorns, wise and ancient mages who can summon fireballs from their fingers, immortal super men and women who can shrug off bullets and fire lasers from their eyes. Now come back to reality, look around you as you sit in your cubicle next to people you really don't care for that much. But let’s face it you need this job so smile and pretend to love your torture. Deep down inside you know it’s true, you know you were meant for more. Some desperately search for power and magic, praying to the gods in their head, begging for the world we are denied. Forced only to experience paradise through the windows of books. Clearly, you are in hell. What redemption is there from hell? our only possible salvation is to embrace the nothingness to be found in our death, no one will save any of us and deep down even the pope knows this.


Isn't this a more reasonable conclusion to draw on from reality than the idea that this is somehow a "test." After all what kind of sadist would test those he supposedly loves by tormenting them, giving them minds and emotions capable of so much, then giving them a world so restrictive and unfulfilling. Surely all the suffering in the world, if there is a god means we must then already be in hell. It's no wonder god never speaks to us for real, only through the delusional imaginings of the damned, our fellow prisoners. He's too busy in the real world with magic and wonder, leading them to paradise and adding to our torment by allowing us to glimpse that world through books and movies.


To me this silly story is just as valid as any religious belief out there. Which is to say they are clearly all bullshit, but I defy anyone to challenge me on this. Let’s see a Christian make a case that they aren't already sinners in hell. I would enjoy seeing this. 


Thank you all for your time, I hope you enjoyed :)

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Comment by Milo Coots on March 7, 2017 at 8:17pm

When I was a kid I would read books about psychic powers and paranormal phenomena. Sometimes I would pray very hard to Jesus to give me psychic powers, but he never did. Reading your thought exercise brought me back to those memories. It would be pretty cool to be able to violate the laws of physics at will, but that's not going to happen for me. That most certainly doesn't mean I'm in hell. Being able to imagine something greater than ourselves and our experience is part of an evolutionary advantage. But I agree that the story is just as valid as other mythologies common today. A good read, thank you.

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