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Comment by Michael Penn on March 25, 2017 at 6:52am

As of 3-24-2017 we see that the healthcare replacement plan is a dead issue. That doesn't mean that they will give up, it's just that it's dead for now. Why has this happened? It's most likely that support was lost in the GOP because those people want to be re-elected at mid-term. They didn't want to commit suicide so it didn't matter what tRump and Bannon wanted.

There is a petition on Change.Org that proposes we cut all the healthcare subsidiaries of Congress and others and it was catching on. Perhaps the most vulnerable in the GOP actually saw the handwriting on the wall.

Comment by Michael Penn on March 14, 2017 at 5:58pm

The new GOP healthcare plan is a totally gutted Obama healthcare plan. They came up with this during the Obama administration and also did it so quickly. What changes in the plan is that big business stops paying their share of things and the working class takes up the slack. The change is a great loss of benefits for all, but tRump says all will be happy with it. (Pardon me while I choke.)

The working class people are the ones paying for this new plan and they lose along with those who do not work and need the insurance most. That's because the taxes that paid for it before are gone. The corporations and the rich are like rats leaving a sinking ship in the new plan, so how would anybody be happy with this if they actually had to rely on it?

They won't be. tRump might say "we can change it later" or that they can work out the bugs. Don't hold your breath. We should fight this thing tooth and nail. Changing it just isn't going to happen.

Of course, Cheeto's supporters will claim it's all lies and fake news even if they have to use the healthcare. Nothing can ever be tRump's fault or something that was on the agenda to be gutted in the first place.

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