People pressing senator during town hall for Universal healthcare.

I absolutely love this. In Town Halls across the USA, people have been stepping it up.

In Las Vegas during a town hall, Senator
Catherine Cortez Masto was getting pressed about Universal healthcare. After skating around it a few times, people were not satisfied with her answer.

Link here:

Her number is 202 224 3542

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Comment by Jennifer W on April 25, 2017 at 2:09pm
The sad part is that big pharma is the biggest donors for politicians. If the Dems weren't corporate tools, right after the Reps failed with Trump/Ryancare they should've had a universal healthcare rebuttal right away (even though Bernie and his crew are launching HR676). But overall, I'm glad that people are starting to not believe politicians lies. I've talked to one of my Canadian friends online and he absolutely laughs at the excuses politicians use for no universal healthcare. People believed it for years!

If politicians don't believe in government funded healthcare, they should forfeit their own healthcare.
Comment by Michael Penn on April 25, 2017 at 8:05am

I support "Medicare For All" because it is the only fair way to do this. We should have the same medical care that our elected officials have, or we should have a system similar to the 2 tier system they have in France. Nobody wants to do the studies on how to achieve this because none of our elected officials want to fight the big insurance companies.

There is money to be made even on the lower end of things as we have them now. My Medicare is contracted out to Coventry which is now under Aetna and they call my plan an HMO. I am constantly called and harassed by these people (or someone pretending to be them) over the simplest damned things to a point of telling them not to bother me any longer. They really piss me off.

The big companies want to draw blood and prescribe pills but they do little else. They do not listen to you, and I suspect that a lot of their false concern is because they know the American people would prefer Medicare for all.

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