How the Election of Donald Trump Defined True Christianity

Have you ever noticed how believers handily redefine Christianity to fit their personal agendas, prejudices and circumstances? I have.


For numerous examples of this practice, see the comments about my piece for Daily Kos:

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Comment by Michael Penn on May 31, 2017 at 4:31pm

You may disagree and even be correct on some atheists supporting Trump. Many people have individuality and are not of the "herd mentality." Even so, theists will re-define their beliefs and personal agendas to fit their belief system. I have seen this in the church world in my own lifetime. The bible speaks of a bodily resurrection. Most modern Evangelicals do not believe that any longer. Old time religion is out the door in favor of a new merger of religion and politics. One big goal is to put prayer in public schools. Another one is to say that if you do not believe in a god you should have no rights at all. For this last one they want to claim America was founded on "religious freedom." It simply is not true.

Comment by Christiana Coakley on May 31, 2017 at 1:31pm

I disagree. I know plenty of Christians who aren't Trump supporters who aren't climate change deniers and I know an atheist who supported Trump.

Comment by Michael Penn on May 10, 2017 at 7:19am

Bible believers seem to not notice that their precious Christianity is in a constant state of being redefined. It goes through an evolution if you will, but the fundamentalists deny evolutionary belief. I have personally witnessed this in my lifetime to the point of ignorant contradictions in scripture and doctrines. The bible becomes what apologists say it is regardless of what it says independently on any subject.

The best reason for this is that the book itself is a mutt compilation of many ancient writings from people who knew very little in their time. This is so obvious that we have to apply a "herd mentality" today to keep the faithful happy and moving along.

Trump was elected because many thought we needed a "fast fix" for all the problems that Americans seem to have today. The miracle man could fix the Republic and restore Democracy, possibly doing it all with an executive order. PRESTO! The Liar in Chief fixes everything while ignoring government 101. Trump and the dominionists, along with all of his supporters, need to go back to school. Things do not work that way. They might if we let them.




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