There is an evil strain permeating American culture and that is the culture of aristocracy. It has been eroding the egalitarian values this country was founded on. I fear liberals who believe that all humans are equal are loosing the argument by those that want to divide humans into class to protect the status quo. These aristocrats argue from the vantage point of power, that they are where they are due to some sort of superior character trait and it is equal opportunity that allowed them acquire their lot in life. This is misleading and people are falling for it. The poor are poor because they are lazy they say. They shouldn't have to work hard to support them. These are strawman arguments that don't address the socioeconomic condition that lead to and support poverty and the culture surrounding it. 

There is no scientific evidence that some people are inherently superior to other humans. Superior in what way? The ability to indulge in selfish behavior in the pursuit of wealth? The ability to throw a football better than anyone? The ability to empathize? To create a fascinating work of art? Teach other humans? Make new discoveries? Higher intelligence? What decides if one is better than another: The subjective perspective of human beings. There is not an objective group of humans or even an individual that is superior or better than any other. It depends entirely on the context. It is subjective in nature.

I am a liberal and believe in the equality of all humans because we are genetically mostly the same. Even genetic differences don't indicate objective status stratification. We have more in common than uncommon. The differences are only exaggerated by the aristocrats who want to justify that they can rule over us by a position of superiority that they themselves define and a system they maintain. They want to keep their power and their wealth. They are anti-democratic. They are the new American aristocrats. 

Say no to aristocrats as well as pseudoscience. 

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Comment by James on October 21, 2017 at 4:13am


I am referring to the Declaration of Independence, which is the founding spirit of this country and egalitarianism. This has been the basis for advancing women and minority rights. I do not deny that people have inherit genetic differences. This is not what I mean by equal. 

Aristocracy is rule by either those that feel superior to other humans or by those who are better qualified to rule, or just feel they are better qualified. I am opposed to such attitudes. We are all made up of the same atoms. We are all genetically distinct as humans, unless you are Trump and share most DNA with an orangutan than humans(hey, he does think he's superior in many which, so he deserves that!). We all need the same basic things to survive. We bleed, we shit, we die. We all return to the same universe we came from. 

Comment by Joan Denoo on October 16, 2017 at 10:50pm

I have problems with the terms "equal," "egalitarian," and "superiority." Some people have access to resources; others do not; some people have high levels of I.O., others have low; some are pretty or handsome, others are ugly; some have functional skills, others do not. 

Equality implies sameness, and Homo sapients come in all sizes, shapes, I.Q.s, talents, skills, and the ability and willingness to learn. A child born with Down's Syndrome has value because of who he or she is, not in spite of the characteristic. A person crippled by inheritance, by illness, or by accident has value, not equal to others, but because of her or his life. 

The developmental task of an individual is to discover and reveal who he or she is, not to look to others for instructions by some notion of others. 

"All people are equal" can be replaced by "All people have value.," or "All people are diverse." or "Each has responsibilities and rights."

No one, not a parent, or a priest, or a preacher, or a teacher has the right to mold an individual into a pattern but does have an obligation to create time and place for an individual to become who she or he is. A person reveals herself or himself. They learn to develop skills in a social structure. An individual has responsibilities and rights that are acquired

An individual has duties to herself or himself to learn how to live in a social environment. Homo sapiens exist as social animals. Each is accountable for words and deeds in a social context.

A wolf or an elephant bears the responsibility to learns how to care for itself, and lives in its society requiring social skills which are learned.

Frankie, I agree, "We ought to recognize the reality of differences and concomitantly insist on egalitarian values because it is the appropriate way to advance civilization."

Comment by Frankie Dapper on October 16, 2017 at 11:12am

Egalitarian values?

Women can't vote.  Slavery.  3/5 clause.  Laws upheld by supreme court which favored aristocracy. So no, USA not founded on egalitarian values. 

All humans created equal?

Another myth. It is nonsense. There are intrinsic differences of birth.  I won't spell it out. It is too obvious.

I am a liberal and believe in the equality of all humans because we are genetically mostly the say James

This view is as flawed as the view from aristocratic privilege through superiority. You are implicitly accepting the falsehood. Superiority in knowledge, power, physical prowess is not a basis to discriminate. Even if the aristocracy is correct about their genetic superiority ( and they are not) It is not an argument against egalitarianism. 

We ought to recognize reality of differences and concomitantly insist on egalitarian values because it is the appropriate way to advance civilization. 

Comment by Teresa Roberts on October 16, 2017 at 10:19am

Oh, I really liked the quote about people born on third base who think they hit a triple. Humans have always given those with wealth a free pass to do just about anything that they want. That's why our prisons are full of poor blacks and latinos. That's why men who conspired to get rich while bringing the the world to its financial knees in 2008 didn't go to jail. Who helps make this kind of shit possible? Why ordinary folks who make celebrities out of wealthy people, women who marry the mafia boss for his money, people who excuse the overlords because they fear them.  

Comment by Grinning Cat on October 10, 2017 at 12:43pm

That quote is apt about people who were born on third base and think they hit a triple.

Also relevant: the wealthy's culture of impunity, of freedom from consequences, and tRump supporters who wish they had that kind of power and impunity themselves, and revel in their hero flouting rules, laws, and social norms.

Comment by Michael Penn on October 10, 2017 at 7:04am

There is an orange clown in the White House right now who would disagree with you. While in Puerto Rico recently he threw paper towels to the crowd. It was said that they had to stop him when he went for the cans of chicken soup. He told the victims of a hurricane there to"have a good time" and has done much to turn America into the Jerry Springer Show on a daily basis. Yes, this member of the aristocracy is turning our great nation into Reality TV. Currently he has made false claims of patriotism while taking on the sports world to define just what disrespect of our flag and nation means. This doesn't stop him from making money by putting our flag on hats that he sells on the Internet.

Just say "no" to aristocrats, or those who think they are aristocrats.


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