I just watched "Real Sports: With Bryant Gumbel"......what the fuck is going on here?

The last story on the show was called "Hands Off". Here is the Summary:

Hands Off

"In 2002, REAL SPORTS took an in-depth look at the fevered debate over the nationwide movement to ban dodge ball in schools. Critics of the game argued that it teaches an excessively violent message to kids, while opponents of the movement feared that banning dodge ball is the first step down a slippery slope to an over-sensitized world where kids aren't allowed to be kids. Now, seven years later, correspondent Bernard Goldberg takes another look at the issue, only to discover that the debate has moved far beyond dodge ball and now includes efforts to ban games like tag and, in some cases, physical contact between students altogether."

Seriously?? No tag? Actually, it's "shadow tag" to prevent injuries...WTF?

no touching at all----at all.

Jumping rope without the rope.......because hey, if you don't have a rope you can never mess up.

I am so at a loss for words I can't even rant right now.......UN fucking Believable.....

Did anyone else see this? Or know about it? Is it going on at your schools (your kids schools?)
Are you for or against?
I gotta be honest, this is the biggest....well, maybe second or third biggest bunch of crap I have ever come across...............

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Comment by Jennifer W on April 15, 2009 at 8:10pm
Urgh. I just can't stand this. The overprotecting kids has to stop.

There is soo much unnecessary pessimism when it comes to protecting children. Thing is that one child spoils it for everyone. What kind of lesson is that? Most children aren't as stupid as the 1 in 1,000,000 that imitates superman and jumps off a roof. Most children aren't emotionally fragile about getting hit by a dodgeball. Children ARE NOT as helpless, careless, or clueless as the people regulating them.
Comment by Dre Smith on April 15, 2009 at 12:07pm
I gotta say I completely disagree kids should not be raised to be soft or constantly cowtowing in the face of any kind of adversity. Kids have to be taught they have a backbone and that there is nothing wrong with actually showcasing that you have one. Life is hard it's not easy, and certainly not as easy as people would tell you that it is in the sum total. Part of being an adult is making hard choices, and taking some risks. Thats life. Nothing is guaranteed. Too much damned protectionism when it comes to children these days, trying to save them from every little thing that is difficult and may result in some unhappiness. Pain and displeasure is very much apart of reality that humans don't like dealing with...but it comes with the territory.
Comment by Rev Hellbound Alleee on April 15, 2009 at 11:32am
I also blame machoism, as in "your kid is a sissy." Let's do away with this aberrant shit that means nothing more than hating sex, women, and being afraid of being called a "sissy." Lets stop pulling that bullshit.
Comment by Rev Hellbound Alleee on April 15, 2009 at 11:29am
My mom was a teacher (since retired) and always had to dodge sweet little Kindergarteners who went after her for hugs. She had to push kids away who not only wanted hugs, but really needed hugs.

Thanks, America.

I don't know if it's PC-ism. I see it as SC-ism. SC stands for "sucky customers." In this case, it's the parents who demand this kind of shit, NOT THE TEACHERS.

And just like a spineless manager at a Target who will cave to every whim of an unreasonable shopper, the principle and the school board cave in immediately to the whines of parents: parents who don't want their kid to get bad grades, parents who want to pretend their kid is a shining jewel.

It's always fretful parents. Always. I scapegoat you, fretful parents. I don't point a finger at some make-believe trend. I point the finger at Entitlement whores who go around to stores and abuse clerks and waitresses. You know who you are. I also point my finger at spineless middle-managers who are afraid of Corporate of School Boards and never stick up for the people who are doing the real work: teachers and wage-slaves. I point my finger at the Bosses who know NOTHING about what happens "down on the floor" or in the classrooms, and make policies based on fantasy.

Comment by Dre Smith on April 15, 2009 at 9:53am
And bannning physical contact between students....no more slapping 5, no more kissing, dating, this is what happens when we take sexual harrassment claims to the (n)th degree. We are too overtly sensitive with these kids these days for reasons that are understood but this is sheer madness to say the least. I would hate to have to raise a son and tell him if there is a girl he likes not to ask her out due to it being morphed into a claim of sexual harassment. What is this going to do for human relations 20-30 years from now? It seems like we are inadvertently trying to kill of the species because we are afraid we are going to offend someone. PCism run amuck. No more no less. FTR, I played football in HS. Loved every minute of it, don't think it should be banned.
Comment by Dre Smith on April 15, 2009 at 9:49am
The pussificiation of American continues I see...can't have tag, dodgeball, I mean seriously. Might as well ban checkers, chess, spelling bees, any type of competition in which results in having a winner and a loser. We've already proven that self esteem has virtually nothing to do with one's success. I lost my share of competitions as a kid growing up. When I won I felt confident and proud, and when I lost I felt pissed and wanted to win the next time it was my turn up. Kids won't have no idea what accomplishing something that when you work hard at it pays off. We might as well get rid of the entire "grading" system as well. After all it sucks when someone else gets a 90 on an exam and someone else feels like a complete dumbshit for getting at 48. Just saying this is not going to work out so well. We are sanitizing these kids from real life. Some people win, some people lose. But it's just competition. What happens when these kids go out into the real world and don't know what they suck at? This constant spoonfeeding of false hopes and inflated claims has to stop in my opinion. This just further makes me not want to have kids, because I'll be that parent that gets pissed my kid can't play tag coz your kid is a sissy.
Comment by River Otter on April 15, 2009 at 8:43am
I loved playing dodge ball, even when I was on the receiving end.

Maybe we should take a closer look at football. Where the opponet is slammed and kids have a REAL chance of getting hurt.

If I can't have dodge ball, why should they have football?
Comment by Jason on April 14, 2009 at 11:55pm
we are all going to lose in life..........some are big loses and some are small. We also win some. That's what builds character--makes us who we are.
Teaching kids to jump rope without a rope is like saying the only way you can win is by not trying. Nice. This pisses me off because on easter sunday, my girl that just turned 5 tried to jump rope because all of her cousins were there trying. All are around 5, and none could do very well. Understandably so, it was their first time. They tried and quit, tried and quit. Next week, they will try and do a little better until in a month or year they can jump rope. Goddamn, I can't imagine her coming home from school "daddy, daddy, look--I can jump rope" and then jumping rope without one..........
Comment by unholyroller on April 14, 2009 at 11:14pm
The 5 year olds in my grandson's kindergarten class aren't allowed to hold hands or touch each other. Its fucking dumbass stupid! I suggest a massive re-release of Isaac Asimov's book, "The Naked Sun".
Comment by Jason on April 14, 2009 at 10:50pm
Thanks, I'll check it out!! Shit is just crazy..............

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