Hi All,

Here is an outline of my religious history, to give some background to my blog posts for anyone who wants it:

I was born in 1970 in Western New York and baptized Catholic as an infant. My mother was Catholic and wanted everyone in the family to be baptized into that church. I never liked it or believed in it much, and by age twelve I told her, "Mom, there is no god. I am an atheist." She accepted it kindly.

In 1996, a non-denominational church full of people who would be your friend as long as you were "open" to joining baptized me, as I needed friends. I stayed in that church until 2008, another twelve years as a Christian.

I stopped believing in God in 2008 because I had stopped pushing myself to read the Bible and listen to sermons in order to force myself to believe. I left the church. From 2008 until 2013, I vacillated between atheism and agnosticism; I also joined another non-denominational church, but as an agnostic and to play drums for them, not thinking about being a Christian again. In 2013, I left that church after deciding that same year that I was a strict atheist, and after the President of the church started getting too friendly with his hands on me. I addressed it with the Pastor, and when nothing was done, I left. That was fine, as I was disinterested in that church after its members had begun to hear about my atheism and reject me.

In 2015, I officially left the Catholic church. I had anticipated its being difficult, but it was very easy. I simply sent a letter chastising the Catholic church for some of its injustices, saying I attended the Center for Inquiry for my fulfillment, stating that I did not believe in Catholicism nor God, and that I was in my right mind. I signed it and sent it to my Bishop, and he immediately sent me back a letter of defection. I kept the letter, as it was the proudest day of my life (it now is the second proudest, after getting married in 2018).

I am not happy except as an atheist; this I have learned from my experiences inside and outside theism. I would not care if I had no friends at all; staying true to the fact that there is no god is more satisfying and more important than having friends, especially when the reason they are your friends is that you believe the same as they and are willing to be a recruit. I will never join another church unless a strictly atheistic church starts up nearby and get to like it. I do wish for places to congregate with other free-thinkers near Batavia, where I now live, so I will keep my eyes open for those. Meanwhile, I continue to get my atheistic support and fulfillment online and at Center for Inquiry.

Well, that is my entire life religious history, all in one place. I just wanted to lay it all out, so that if someone wants to, they can refer to it in order to see where I am coming from in my other posts. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great day!


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Comment by Jim the Atheist on March 26, 2019 at 10:55am
Thanks for sharing this Jeff. I was nodding my head all the way through it. People suck. But having nobody in your life sucks too! It is such a relief to no longer pretend.
Comment by Chris on March 17, 2019 at 7:46pm

Ever seen a 'Heard of a hard Methodist, or Catholic?

Most of that shouldn't matter my friend.

If curious check out - having never been a Catholic, - outside of that you may be interested in  Dan Barker.

Freedom From Religion Foundation.   Dan Started a group for people who used to be priests and Pastures.

Check it out if interested.


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