My brother sent around his new dating site profile for me, sister and mom to review. And he's listed religion as "Atheist but not too serious about it." Woo-hoo! I'm not entirely alone! Now I gotta get back in touch with my college freshman cousin, since he's starting to doubt god belief :)

My mom is an apologist and huge fan of C.S. Lewis. BUT she's also done some early christian writings study, (from all christian sources) so she may have doubts starting to surface. Plus now two of her three kids have "come out" atheist. Since I broke the news to her a couple months ago we've started talking about evolution, abiogenesis (well, I've told her theories exist anyway), age of the earth, and neuroscience explanations for god belief. I think I'm going to propose a deal to her, that I'll read whatever apologetics book she wants me to, and in exchange she'll read "God Delusion" or watch YouTube videos on why god belief is silly. We'll see if she takes the bait. (So far, she's declined from watching videos that would undermine her faith.)

My sister is hopelessly smitten with Jesus. But she's also a sheep, so if me, brother, and mom all come over to the "dark side" she'll either start to seriously question, or just get more and more into church, if that's even possible. (This is my sister who had to pray about it to decide if Jesus wanted her to loan me money to prevent my three year old and me from getting evicted.)

Yes, I'm an evangelical atheist. Yes, I think proslethyzing is obnoxious. And yes, I'm totally okay with that. If I can get my family to give up their god beliefs, they won't have to waste time crying over my soul, they'll quit trying to "save" my son, and maybe they can let go of the guilt and fear.

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Comment by Angie Jackson on May 2, 2009 at 5:01pm
Hey Don. My grandmother founded a faith-healing cult right around the time I was born. Full details will be available in my upcoming book "Exodus from Zion" :) You can read excerpts from it in my blog here.

My parents separated while expecting me, in part because my dad "fell away" (read: sinned on epic scale - adultery and drugs). I see him and talk to him every couple of months. He's a nice enough guy, just not a great dad. I haven't actually talked with him about beliefs but he's probably agnostic/atheist or week deist.
Comment by Angie Jackson on May 2, 2009 at 2:24pm
Thanks for the spelling - that's a word I swear I've heard a thousand times and seen written only twice. Unlike all those words I've read a lot and then horrendously mispronounce :)

Sorry about your mother's mistreatment at the funeral. I haven't been to a funeral since before deconverting from Christianity, but it is something I've thought about. Two years ago I went to my godmother's funeral and I was so furious with god for ripping her off this earth, for allowing her to suffer cancer, etc. that I wanted to hit every person who gave some trite response like "She's in heaven" Why on earth would it be better for her to be in heaven in her forties when she has four young adults here on earth? I've gotten over my anger (as it's hard to be mad at the tooth fairy) but still think religion offers no real solace.

My sibs and I grew up in a cult with a lot of violence and abuse, but somehow my sister managed to never receive it. My brother and I both got a lot of it. I think in some ways that may have helped us. He's also a physicist and I study religions and cults, so we both educated ourselves out of belief. My sister majored in Spanish, so god-belief wasn't incompatible for her.



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