"hell fire and brimestone... (while squinting) ye shall be saved from thy devil, for your salvation will only cost you $100.00 send a $1000 and god will love you for ever."

Can't atheists have their own church of nonbelievers, god is you, me the trees god is reality, god is nothing but a cultural idea etc. I think atheism is a belief system, it is more then just saying we don't believe in god, it is perhaps we have a responsibility to this world to make the most out of life, or maybe we all have vastly different view points. I just think we need to cash in on some "donations"

Should we not stoop to their level. (its just the economy sucks, I need a new job.)

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Comment by Shi-town on June 7, 2009 at 1:38am
I guess you may be right...but I think the majority of atheists believe in science, and the laws of nature, and when you die that is it... so make the best of the life you got. How this not a belief system. It probably doesn't qualify as a religion though...I checked out that website the bible is evil. It is a great website, I can't believe how much research went in to it.
Comment by Angie Jackson on June 6, 2009 at 2:40pm
I gotta say I disagree on both the idea that atheism is a religion and the relabeling things with the word god. God is unnecessary, so let's just call reality "reality" and call you, me, and the trees "you, me, and the trees". And if atheism is a religion, bald is a hairstyle.

And yeah, I miss conning fundies out of money too. I ran the operations office for a cult and people just GAVE us money. It was weird and in this economy, sometimes I miss it.

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