Wallyo77 and other pedophiles on youtube

DprJones, a semi-popular atheist youtuber started mirror videos on a man who calls himself wallyo777, or pookah666. Wallyo is a pedophile with an odd fetish. He likes feet. Not just any feet, how ever, particularly the feet of a young girl (ages 10-17 mostly) he first send them a request to answer questions for him, then continues with the requests, IE getting them to show him their feet.
Many of DPRJones subscribers don't care for these videos, saying things like "It's weird but harmless." Not at all. What this Wallyo person is doing is simply "grooming" these children into doing more things for him. He gets their trust and then gets them in private doing who knows what.
Unless you have a younger sister or child that you are close to it can be hard to see him as a harmful person that he is.

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Comment by Hekate Moon on June 10, 2009 at 8:38pm
Yes. I think that these sort of things should be in more of the public eye. Kids need to know about this stuff weather it's nice or not.



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