Summer Vacation starring John Q. Antichrist - Part 1

It has been eventful summer for me with three vacations so far. I'm hoping my traveling is over now. I love to go on vacation, but I am the type of person that starts yearning for my bed after four days away.

I am only going to cover the most recent vacation in this blog because it is the vacation that will interest the fine folks here on the Nexus. It started Thursday July 1 when I departed Arkansas for a family reunion in the Pennsylvania Dutch country.

I made the trip to Pennsylvania in 19 hours, driving straight through the heart of the Bible Belt. I really didn't pay much attention to anything on the drive up because I had downloaded all of my favorite episodes of Chariots of Iron and listened to Lamar, Eli & Joe the entire drive up and back. I ran out of episodes near Memphis and switched to Skepticality for the last leg of the trip. I like Skepticality, but Joe's irreverence makes the Chariots of Iron my favorite podcast. It really made the traveling go by fast. Joe, if you read this, our local cult leader, Tony Alamo, pronounces his name as it would be pronounced in Spanish with soft "a's" and the accent is on the second syllable. You have to pronounce the lord and savior's name correctly. I need to write more on Mr. Alamo in another blog because he is fascinating and my dad used to know him well. I'll try to find some of his writings. They'd make a very interesting read for my blog.

One of the highlights of my life was driving through Gettysburg at 2am. I saw Abe Lincoln and several Confederate soldiers stumbling down the sidewalk, drunk as hell. It was like driving through the Twilight Zone. I just wish I could've taken a picture of the scene.

My family reunion was in Lancaster County PA, the heart of Amish Country. When I was a Christian, I was fascinated by the Amish and their religious conviction, but not anymore. They don't use electricity because the lines attach their homes to the secular world. I read several articles about the Amish and now I think their lifestyle is just child abuse. The kids are rarely educated past the eighth grade. By denying them an education, they become trapped into the lifestyle. There were also several articles of the sexual abuse that goes on in the Amish communities. I'm saddened now for the children and I would love to talk to someone that left their lifestyle, and how hard it was for them to cope living in a world that they were never given the tools to survive in.

I spent two days in Lancaster County. I will have to say that it is possibly the most beautiful place I have been. The towns were right out of a movie. I thought the South was patriotic until I saw Lancaster Country on Independence Day. I was in Lititz, PA where the 1st Independence Day was celebrated in 1811. They lit 12,000 candles and had a truly astonishing fireworks display. I hope to have the videos up in a day or two once I resolve some camera issues.

I then traveled to New York City. This leg of the trip is a blur because my friends gave me the bar tour of Brooklyn on the 1st day. The second day I spent at the Museum of Natural History. I had to immerse myself in science before my trip to the Creation Museum. I highly recommend the Museum of Natural History to anyone that hasn't been there. I just wish I would've had another day to spend there. I stayed there 8 hours and I didn't come close to seeing everything.

I left New York City on July 15th and I drove all day to Cincinnati. I had one major mishap near Columbus, Ohio. I was stuck on I-70 for about 3 hours after a serial rapist led police on a high-speed chase where he crossed into oncoming traffic. He hit several cars and caused a tanker truck to overturn and spill diesel all over the road. Somehow, after all of that, he was still able to fight the police and they had to shoot him.

The road finally opened at 1am and I drove into Cincinnati at 4am and had to search for an hour for an open hotel. I went to sleep at 6am and I was back awake at 9:45 to head to Ken Ham's Wonderland. I will tell the second part of my story either tonight or tomorrow. I also hope to have the pictures all up tomorrow.

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Comment by John Q. Antichrist or Rosco on July 13, 2009 at 9:43am
The man in handcuffs is Arkansas' beloved cult leader, Tony Alamo.
Comment by Richard Healy on July 13, 2009 at 6:17am
Who is the guy in handcuffs by the way?
Comment by Richard Healy on July 13, 2009 at 6:15am
I used to be engaged to a girl from Lancaster, PA (pronounced lan-kiss-ter, as I was endless corrected).

I took in Independence Day in Lancaster itself, the mayor apparently was a civil war historian who collected cannons. They gave him his own section in the orchestra strings, wind, bass, percussion, concussion) and we got Beethoven's 1812 with real artillery.

I must say Americans do have this firework thing sorted. Mid-summer, in the warm. Not freezing your unmentionables off in the depths of November celebrating either political extremism, religious persecution, (depending upon your point of view) or the apolitical stance of 'fireworks are pretty'

Most amusing thing about Lancaster is the town of Intercourse. Which apparently means '4 roads'.

Yeah, right. That's just what I was thinking too.
Comment by Jason Spicer on July 13, 2009 at 1:26am
Sounds like a great trip, JQA. Well, except for the lack of sleep the night before the visit to Wonderland. Or maybe that added just the right frame of mind to endure the surreality. I can't wait to hear the next installment.

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