Imaginary friends
Most of us know about imaginary friends, either we had one or have a child with one. As a parent it can be irritating and frustrating to have to feed or lay a table setting for someone who simply isn't there. The child blames the friend for his/her misdemeanours and congratulates them on a painting well done. We are usually told by professionals to just go with the flow as the child will grow out of it.
What are the benefits of imaginary friends? Someone who is always there, can't ignore us or walk away when we are talking. Someone who always loves and comforts us. Someone to sleep with, play with, cry with, someone we can say anything to without comeback. Someone who will be there for us when you are fearful giving us courage, one who can be wise when we have been told we are too stupid to find an answer. Someone who can take the blame when we have blown it making us feel less stupid. Someone who can be good enough when we assume that we are not. We can regale them with our victory stories over and over.
So why is it only children who have imaginary friends? Why do we grow out of them? Many of the needs for an imaginary friend are still with us as adults.
Well, we don't grow out of it we just call it religion or a spiritual entity. We make Jesus our special friend. We put the needs on 'God' and receive fulfillment of the things we perceive to be our lacks from him, we gain special help wisdom and direction. We give help to others, we grow and change according to the strength and help from outside of ourselves and attribute it to an ancestor or an enlightened guide. We channel the wisdom, find guidance in our past life experiences and so on. We feel that our guardian angel is always there.
The mind with the essence of humanity will never let us down. Our imagination will always bring us what we need in whatever form we are open to receiving it. As a child an imaginary friend, angel or Jesus, as a religious person god, as a fairy person fairies, as a spiritual person the universe teaches, the universe answers or supplies.
Why? Why do we give away our power and refuse to acknowledge our glory and greatness? It is all in the Innerverse. All wisdom, light, energy and truth. Our Innerverses may well be connected to all wisdom and truth from all ages but it is ours, the gift of humanity to humanity. We are a living ocean of truth, deep and full of answers and healing or help for others. It's all within, it is the essence of humanity. Our minds themselves hear the essence of our being and respond to stimuli we cannot perceive consciously. The mind absorbs, processes and brings answers very naturally. Each of us is god, guide, friend and superhero to ourselves. We need the courage to lean not on an external being we have created for ourselves but to be at peace within ourselves. Taking responsibility for our past and our future and finding unique and wonderful strength and wisdom available at all times in all circumstances. We are always comforted, always secure, always strong, always sure when we allow ourselves to be the Source from which we live. Unbounded and undefined by religion, history or the personalities we ascribe to our imaginary friends.
It's a case of owning both our power and wisdom and our weakness and lack then allowing them to meet in wholeness.

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Comment by Jennifer W on July 20, 2009 at 9:49am
I love the analogy. Great blog.

I always though people create things like Jesus or imaginary friends, because humans are extremely communicative animals and they want a sense of security and don't want to be lonely in the end.
Comment by Ron Edwards on July 20, 2009 at 9:04am
Very well said Ella E!! Spot on!! I really don't have much to add here that you didn't already tackle in your blog, but I will add that it is extremely pitiful when you realize the sheer amount of adults in the U.S. and throughout the world who rely on a sky daddy to simply explain everything that their own ignorance disallow.

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