Upon seeing the light and finally walking away from the idiocy of a faith based upbringing, I've subscribed to an Atheist journal and linked with a handful of Atheists from Myspace to Facebook. I've since found this Nexus site and have no need to look further, I'm getting plenty of input and don't feel like I must join 50 unknown groups. One troubling factor, between the Atheist journal and the few people I've linked with on these other two sites, is that I find these brainiac truth-seekers just cannot stop rambling. I understand Atheists having something to say but first they talk about how brilliant and well-rounded they are, then it's a two page dissertation about how to fix the woes of the world or how bad America is and then they go on to sum things up with their own lengthy brand of reason, yet another full margin-to-margin page. I've felt compelled to tell some that I'm canceling my account on that particular site and moving on. A three page essay is not necessary to make a simple point. One paragraph will do.

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Comment by Karla on July 29, 2009 at 11:43am
you're not alone seeing this, we tend to get stuck with those that are either heavily medicated or conspiracy theorists since they're all rejected by the church goers eventually - just my observation.
Comment by Scott on July 29, 2009 at 9:44am
So true! Also, many of the sites are too heavily politicized. It is okay to be aware, politically but sometimes I wonder, do atheists talk about anything other than atheism? Well at the nexus there is a lot of different topics and I like it so far. I have been here nearly a month and that is 2 weeks longer than most sites.

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