I am the director of a small IT department. We are currently retiring about 40 - 50 older computer in our office. They are much older Pentium 4 and or Celeron processors. Maybe 256 - 512 mb of RAM. Nothing spectacular. We decided to see if anyone in the office would like some of the old computers. A fellow employee, a deacon at a local church, asked if we would donate some for a battered women's and children's center run through the church. Of course without a second thought I offered 12 computers with monitors, keyboards, mice the works. I went out of my way to recycle any other available parts to max these things out. 1 - 2 GB of ram where possible, cd burners and dvd readers where I could. I re-imaged all the computer's and applied valid licenses to them all. I ran all the latest updates, installed some basic software (avast, openoffice). All along I worked closely with an employee of mine. A very nice young lady currently attending college. She is a very public lesbian and a fellow atheist.

All in all we were very pleased with ourselves for going out of the way to help such a good cause. I can't say that I would ever give money directly to a church but I am more than willing to sacrifice my time or money when I know it will go to a good cause even if there is some affiliation with a church.

What pleased me most was the very surprised look on my employee's and my co-worker's faces when I said, "Any time an atheist and a lesbian can help your church, you just let us know."

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Comment by evil1dwk on August 24, 2009 at 6:23pm
He of course accepted the computers. I'm sure he will make no mention of me or my co-worker when presenting them as his own contribution to the center.
Comment by unholyroller on August 24, 2009 at 6:01pm
MWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA............did the still accept the computers?



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