So glad I am currently forced to use Linux

First what makes me glad to be using Linux is that the distro I use, Ubuntu, has a multiple desktop environment feature which means I can move an open program window to a different desktop that is not visible without switching to that desktop. The reason this makes me glad is that I am not ready to tell my family that I am an atheist. This feature just helped me hide my atheism from my sister for the last hour.

The story, I was responding to a comment on a discussion I posted and my sister comes into the living room so I can help her with something then sits next to me for the next hour. Fortunately I managed to shift the browser window with Atheist Nexus to the secondary desktop before she could see my screen. You may be asking "If you're keeping your atheism secret why are you visiting an atheist site in the living room?" The answer is that the router is there and my computers wireless card is broken and my Ethernet cable is to short to reach my room, even if it did it would probably be worse because they would still come in and I would have less time to switch the window to the other desktop.

I plan on telling my family in a few days as today I drive back to Erie, to go back to college, tomorrow I move into my campus apartment, and the day after I start classes and as such no family will be within 600 miles of me. Not that I am worried that they will cause problems I am just being extra careful.

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Comment by David Lee Halle II on September 2, 2009 at 9:06pm
First felch grogan I did not know about that shortcut (as far as I can remember) and I thank you for it, not that I need it now that I am back at college and probably have told them by the time I go home for break.

Second AcesLucky my parents are not really paying, I did borrow some but that was 3 years ago, I mostly pay through loans, co-signed by a member of my families church. The advantage I see is that now that I am around people who I can talk to about my atheism without being concerned about how they will react I feel much happier in general telling my parents would mean being able to freely talk about things without having to be vague or cleaver in my wording so as to not give myself away. I don't believe I could do what your ending suggests.

Third ObscureAtheist I am not to worried about my parents its more of their church, they might insist on trying to reconvert me, and a few other family members, an aunt and uncle who are ordained clergy for example, that concern me and cause me to proceed with caution in regards to my atheism. I like ubuntu but want windows back, only so I can play more of my games as not many work on my computer either because of problems directly connected to emulators or because of memory issues caused by having to run them through an emulator.
Comment by ObscureAtheist on August 31, 2009 at 4:10pm
don't worry
i still live with my parents in Iran and they very traditional Muslims and they know about my atheism !and now we have no problem about it .however it took some years that they understood it!
by the way ubuntu is my main OS too.
Comment by AcesLucky on August 31, 2009 at 10:15am
Who's paying for this education of yours? If it's your family (meaning, not you), perhaps you can wait telling them. I see no advantage to telling them until after you've graduated. And even then, tell them only after you've borrowed a substantial amount of money from them. ;-)

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