The differences in audiences was very apparent in my presentation in Portland. It was clear from the start that there were a significant number of religious people in the audience as well as a large number of non-religious people. The college students seemed more upset about the characterization of religion as a virus and did not like the humor as much as the CFI attendees. This is the same talk I always give, I made no changes or exceptions for this group, the the write up was quite different from others. See the link.

I don't often get criticized for the humor, in fact most find it fun, but the religious don't seem amused. I guess they respond the same way when their ministers make fun of and criticize we atheists - disapprovingly that is.

I appreciate the support and good words from the CFI people. If you have heard my talk and are inclined to respond to this write up, let me know where it is or send a link.

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Comment by Laura on November 6, 2009 at 1:58am
Well, we all know very religious people don't have a sense of humor about themselves, which is why we need to recover! Learning that it's okay to not take ourselves so seriously is part of the process. ;)

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