Yesterday as my husband had a great morning. We'd gone out for breakfast, made the weekly Wally World run and were overall just enjoying each other's company. We'd just pulled into the driveway and started to unload the car when a big ol' honkin' SUV full of people pulls in behind us. We live in a rural area and generally if someone we don't know pulls into the driveway, they're either lost or they're knock-knock fundies of some variety or another. Well, these people were not lost but they somehow were convinced that we were and they were going to show us the way. In otherwords, this here is whatcha call a carload of fundies. Not just any fundies, these were Jehovah's Witness fundies. I keep telling the husband we need to join the Jehovah's Witness Protection Program.

I'm so glad the husband handled the knock-knock fundies. I was in an especially happy mood and didn't want to bring myself down by having to light into a proseltyzing pest. The husband just politely told them thank you but no thank you, and they went on their way. Ok, all's good and nobody's feelings got hurt, I guess. That doesn't change the fact that it really just frosts my ass that they feel so compelled as to come up into my yard and bother me with their beliefs as if I need to hear it. I don't recall having ever knocked on anyone's door to tell them: "There is no god. WTF is wrong with you not only having a make-believe friend but actually revolving your life around your imaginary friend and expecting me to do the same?" Nope. I just mind my own business and don't bother anyone. I wish fundies would do the same. Militant Atheist Son and I keep saying that one day, just for shits and giggles, we're going to go knock on a few fundies' doors and as them if they've accepted Anubis as their personal god of war and death. We'll then go on to tell them that if they don't, Anubis will kick their ass.

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Comment by Stephen Sherbett on December 18, 2009 at 2:38am
I tried to turn away some jahovas witnesses once . I simply told them no thank you that i do not believe in an god or gods and they came back every day for two weeks before i had to file a complaint with management at the apartment complex i was living in down in Texas.
Comment by Rosa on August 25, 2008 at 7:33pm
I remember once reading one of those brochures handed out by the Jehova witnesses...the only way in which the world will become a paradise is if everybody becomes a Jehova's witness too, hence the convertion zeal.
Comment by HoleyHands on July 29, 2008 at 3:43pm

Hail Analbis

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