first actual blog post, all intents and purposes

I joined this site tonight, I've been a non-theist, atheist, rational person, whatever since I can remember. I left my friends, family, unclear relationships in new york state to take care of a relative here, in port saint lucie. I was handling the loner reality just fine until today when I attended a job orientation hosted by a former bass player from an 80s metal band and he kept thanking god for things like; success, strength, etc.. he threw out "amens" and "hallelujas" and the rest of my fellow orientees intoned back these same religious sentiments. Thing is, this guy created music with metal bands from the 80s, bands that I have appreciated (black sabbath, dio), sang along with in my teens in the late nineties, identified with. Just such an isolating experience, attacking comeraderie from my very youth, sucks.
It's a wonder there's any water in the ocean, with all the sponges...

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Comment by Rita D on November 13, 2009 at 1:23pm
Welcome to A/N! I myself just joined last week. There's SO much here I've been spending too much time and pull myself away. I'm curious about your being a non-theist "since I can remember" and hope you write about this in the future (it took me over four decades to figure this out!). Yes, I love how Christians gush about all the things God has done for them--like the fellow who told me about how God was providing for him and his family (via his unemployment check).



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