Why does it hurt so much to look at a Christian, but cause me to break down when a long time friend turns to Christianity because of neglect and a pessimistic, depressive attitude at life?

Does this hurt because the Holy Spirit is trying to make me see God in my life and is letting me know how wrong I am in life by not doing this?


I'm a human and I care. I care that my friend has to rely on faith and not truth, God can agree with that one. What God cannot understand is how his book of no proof does not show people that he is indeed real. Even the damn book was written by people and not his own hand. Sure, he can create all life in less than 6 days and destroy almost all of his creations through a flood some years later but he cannot hand down a book for people to have and not work for? No, that would be some proof he was alive and that's not allowed.

Worst part is that my friend is still my friend and I have to quote scripture for her to help her in her journey. I was walled into our Bible club to answer some questions but when I post a poser about how Skeptics and Non-Theists that wish to talk to me can some damn Christian tears it off the wall and replaces it with 'We'll pray for you.'

.... If I'm only allowed to hate one sole thing in my life, I choose propaganda.

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Comment by Christina Crowder on November 24, 2009 at 3:00pm
Yeah, this is why I am telling her many scriptures.... so she might find it herself.



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