So, I HATE group punishment and my professor did just that a few days ago. Keep in mind he's a Veteran. So I write an essay a little larger than 500 words and turn it into him about how group punishment is not only unfair but unjust when he has flawless evidence that a few in the group have done nothing but what is in the right. And so he calls me up after class to talk about this and goes on about how it was disrespectful and things.... which I did not curse but okay, I can see where he thinks it's disrespectful. What got to me was he brought up me not standing for the Pledge of Alliance sometimes which I have explained to him many times and brought up how I was Atheist and was using this against me?

I just walked away at the risk of blowing up.

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Comment by Christina Crowder on November 24, 2009 at 10:27pm
Yeah.... at least this happened in the last half of the year rather than at the start.
I dunno, it doesn't offend me too bad I just needed a vent on that one.

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